Tuesday, 2 May 2017

We Found Our Missing Dog!

finding missing ojbect horary pet

The dog that we are fostering slipped out from his collar (don’t ask me how) and ran away. It got Adrian and I flustered. We spend 2.5 hours looking for him to avail. Towards the end, Adrian asked me “Why don’t you use astrology to see if you can find him?”

Frankly, I didn’t have much faith in astrology to be able to find something that has 4 legs and a mind of its own. But, the question has been sincerely asked and I supposed it’s worth a try.

I casted the chart on my phone.
finding missing pet dog horary

Here’s the interpretation:

I’m represented by Libra which is ruled by Venus. Venus is in the 6th house of pets or small animals which describes us and the situation perfectly. The ascendant is not too early nor late. I looked at the Moon – it’s not in the later degrees of a sign, not in the Via Combusta (15 Libra to 15 Scorpio) and not void of course.

I thought the 6th house described the situation rather well: Neptune is in the 6th house which indicates our pet’s disappearance, we are looking for him and “hurt” or upset by him missing (Venus which signifies us conjuncts Chiron).

So, where is he? He’s represented by Jupiter in:
  • 1st house, an angular house, suggesting that he’s near us and we will find him relatively quickly.
  • an air sign suggesting that he’s found in somewhere higher than normal ground and/or somewhere with an open view.
  • a cardinal sign suggesting that he may be on some hilly countryside (??) and that he’s not far from us.
  • a humane sign suggesting that he’s found in a place frequented by people

Honestly, when I casted the chart, I was rather skeptical of finding him quickly as indicated by the chart. I mean, it’s a dog that has ran away. It has found freedom. Would it find its way back to us? According to horary astrology, the answer is yes. Also, the final aspect made by the Moon is a trine to Saturn. I visualised Saturn as Barkley our dog being confined or “jailed” at home. So, astrology suggests yes, Barkley will be found.

Anyhow, we reached home and was looking at open hilly places frequent by kids near our place and finally found him on the elevated grass field next to our place!

Unfortunately, he refused to go home and ran away from us. We spent some more time looking for him to no avail. I thought why not cast another chart to find him? I did so at 6.26pm. The chart looks bad – the significator of our lost dog is in the 12th house. He’s gone away from us and forever lost. Imagine my surprise when Adrian found him some minutes later. To cut the long story short, Barkley is now laying in his crate as I am typing up this post. It occurred to me that I shouldn’t or needn’t have casted a second chart to locate Barkley as the 2nd question relates to the first one.

So there you go. The wonders of horary astrology.