Sunday, 23 April 2017

Will a Man Drop From the Sky?

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I was talking to a client earlier. Here’s the gist of the conversation:

Me: It’s likely that you will be in a relationship in the next 12 months (as Venus is making a tight conjunction on her solar return descendant amongst other considerations). That is if you direct your attention to it i.e. go on the dating scene. Consider making yourself available on dating websites, apps, etc.

Client: True (to making herself available). I prefer to wait though (i.e. wait for the guy to appear without doing anything).

Me: You might not be in a relationship then.

Client: But you mentioned that it will happen within 12 months.

Me: For fate to work, you have to participate in it. For example, if you stay at home or work the whole day, how does heavens send a guy your way even if the universe/God wants to do so? Besides, I didn’t say a relationship WILL happen. There’s the potential (for it to happen) if you make it happen.

My suggestion that she makes herself available for potential suitors is based on my view of fate. I don’t believe that we are puppets of God/the universe where events in our lives are predestined. Certainly, our birth is predestined and some portions of life is predestined but not all of it i.e. we have free will. More importantly, I see forecasting charts in astrology as showing possibilities or potential waiting to be realised, manifested or activated. If you don’t like something, you can choose to ignore it or transmute it into something else. For example, I'm advising a married woman who has say, a stellium in her 5th house of Romance comprising of Moon, Venus, Jupiter and the Sun in her solar return/transit chart. Certainly an interpretation of the stellium is that she may meet someone and have love affairs with him. But let's ssay the woman is loyal and committed to her partner. Is she doomed to committing “adultery” as that's the will of heavens? Surely not! Of course those of you who believe in the fatalistic view of fate will say that regardless (of the woman’s values and desires), heavens will send her men (or women) for her to have frolicking fun times. However, this view doesn’t make sense to me.

So, in my humble opinion, a man or woman will not drop from the sky if there’s the potential in your chart and you don’t want that to happen. If you do want that to happen, however,, you might want to deliberately go to places where you can pick them up. Unless that man could drop directly into your laps at home or in the office, right where you are – statistically speaking, what’s the odds of that happening? (unless say the ruler of Descendant or the 5th house is located in the 6th or 10th).

The above conversation actually didn’t end on that note. It went on as follows:

Client: Ah, I see. But I’m not ready for anything now actually. Although I would want to enter into a relationship, but not necessarily for now. But I am glad to hear that there’s potential (for me to be in a relationship).

Me: There’s a time for everything! It’s important to follow your own timing although such obvious opportunity for a relationship may not show itself anytime soon.

Client: *Sigh*