Friday, 21 April 2017

Why Can’t I Find Love?

Finding Love astrology

I was ruminating about the effects of Jupiter transits when something occurred to me.

There are periods in astrology which are fertile breeding grounds for romances and relationships and everyone go through them at various points of their lives (in astrological parlance: transits, progressions and whatever else I’m ignorant of). For example, Jupiter or Venus transiting through the 7th and 5th house. Or transiting Venus conjunct Vertex. Or something to do with Venus returns.

So, let’s say a single woman (or a man but let’s stick with a woman) is looking for love. Jupiter is currently transiting through her 7th house. So, it’s prime time for her to meet her knight on a white horse. Unfortunately, nothing came to pass. She ended up sad and lonely and goes back to an empty home after work every night. Why could that be so?

Here are some possible explanations:
As many of you know Jupiter can be a lazy planet or a planet that’s fond of delightful indulgence. So, you have to poke it and make things happen for you a.k.a. (creating and) taking advantage of all romantic opportunities that come your way. So, for the woman who’s rather introverted and waits for men to drop from the sky or stays at home everyday after work (perhaps because the bulk of her planets are in the western and northern hemisphere of her natal chart or that she has a stellium in the 12th house that she has not consciously utilised), it’s unlikely that there are opportunities for men (or women if she’s gay or bisexual) to present themselves to her. That’s why, nothing came to pass for her.

What about the woman who’s very gungho and signed up for tons of online dating sites and has all kinds of dating apps on her smartphone? Well, she has definitely actively made herself available for suitors. Wait. She goes above and beyond – she actively pursues guys or women on the dating sites and apps. So, she has created her own romantic opportunities to capitalise on the Jupiter 7th house transit. However, unfortunately, she ended up with no relationship at the end of the transit. What’s happening here? Perhaps, she has a grand trine in her natal chart comprising Venus, Neptune and Moon where she feels that love must be perfect, like the fairy tale variety (certainly, the configuration could have manifested itself differently). So, when she meets a guy/woman that she thinks is perfect and goes for a few more dates. However, she realised through the dates that the other person is a mere mortal who doesn’t fit into her ideal of love or love that provides her with tons of emotional security and comfort. What does she do? She writes off her dates and laments that age is catching up with her and why can’t she, a perfect eligible bachelorette, find love?

What I’m trying to say is that everyone has a different idea or reality of what love is. Sometimes, those ideas/ideals can unwittingly or wittingly result in us unable to find someone to spend our lives with. That's why most astrologers emphasised that when doing compatibility readings for a couple, always start with the individual. You need to understand whether the individual is capable of love or being in a relationship in the first place. If he/she is not capable or unwilling to be open to a relationship, no matter how great the potential compatibility is between the two of them, there's no relationship to speak of.