Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Where is the Library DVD?

misplaced object DVD horary

Where the hell is the library DVD? I misplaced it… hopefully it’s not lost. Anyhow, let’s use horary astrology to locate it.

Misplaced, Lost or Eaten by the Dog?
First thing is, is the DVD misplaced or lost? Or eaten by the dog?

The DVD is a property (2nd) of the library (3rd). Therefore, it is represented by the 4th house (2nd house from the 3rd). The 4th house is ruled by Mars which is in the 10th house, making it an angular planet. Hurray. The DVD is at home. I'm not considering the planetary hours since the 4th house ruler is an angular planet.

Where Is It?
The planet ruling the sign on the 4th house is Mars – it is in the kitchen or near a fire.
The sign of the 4th house ruler is Taurus – cellar, where there’s none at my place, and rooms low down. There’s no rooms low down or taken literally, the DVD is something low, maybe on the floor or something like that.

The Search Begins
There’s no sight of the DVD near the stove. There’s no fireplace but there’s a radiator. Nope can’t find it. What about the TV stand which is near the radiator and where there’s tons of DVDs? Searched it for the umpteen time. Still can’t find it although I found another library DVD under the TV stand … (surprise surprise, I thought I returned that? or do I personally have that DVD after all). The kitchen is not separate from the living room. So, maybe it’s under the couches. Remember “low down”. OMG. I found it under one of the couches in the living room/kitchen!

How satisfying horary astrology is! Yipee!

Update on 20/4/17: I came across Deborah Houlding's index of rulership and read that libraries come under the 6th house. I am curious as to whether it changes the interpretation.

Going through the process, the first step is to check whether the item is misplaced indeed:

  • Is the ruling planet of the library DVD angular? No - The library DVD would be represented by the 7th. The ruler of the 7th is Saturn in the 5th house, which is succedent.
  • Is the planetary hour ruler angular or the Moon? No - I decided to put horary astrology to use at about 1:55pm, where the planetary ruler is Saturn which is not angular. However, the thought of locating the DVD came to me much earlier, which might make the planetary ruler the Moon. This brings to my mind the question of when do you draw up the chart for horary astrology? And perhaps, given that the same question is asked again or an issue has been resolved, the "magic" is gone. Therefore, discovering that libraries are ruled by the 6th house is inconsequential.