Monday, 17 April 2017

On Planets in Detriment/Fall

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Mars and Saturn are considered as "malefic" planets in traditional astrology. According to esteemed astrologer, Robert Hand, a malefic is a planet that, statistically speaking, most people do not handle very well. Many of the ancients believed that no planets were inherently evil, but rather that most of us do not know how to respond to them properly. To Robert Hand, a malefic is a planet that we need to be careful with in how we react to it. And he certainly agrees that both Mars and Saturn, difficult as they ma be, are both planetary energies that are useful and necessary.

Extrapolate the above concept to planets in detriment or fall, e.g. Mars in Libra or Cancer. If you have them in your natal chart, how do you use their energies to your advantage or give them the best possible expression? In other words, turning a seemingly “weakness” perhaps as defined by traditional astrology or in most cultures into a strength. Because let’s face it – most people don’t handle their natal planets that are in detriment/fall very well.

Do you have any planets in detriment or fall in your natal chart? If so, how have you been using expressing their energies?