Thursday, 27 April 2017

Gods of Change–Why do They Hurt So Much?

gods of change transits Uranus Neptune Pluto

The 3 Gods of Change - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Why do they hurt so much when one of them (God forbid more than one of them hitting us but they can indeed join forces and work together) transits on sensitive planets and angles in our natal chart?

They are sometimes referred to as transpersonal planets. Or maybe transpersonal transsocial might be more accurate. They are thought to symbolise something or forces that’s outside of us and the society. In other words, energies that we have no control over. Or is that so? It depends on your view of fate and destiny. For those who believe in variants of fate, when one of the gods visits us, it feels like something fated or predestined. For those who believe in absolute free will, perhaps major changes in life are due to various reasons - your thoughts, upbringing, own actions, unconscious self-sabotage, etc.

Whatever your view of fate is, when the gods of change visit us and knock on our door (a barrier as represented by Saturn), it feel that we have no choice but to open the door and invite them into our lives. Ah, at least you took the initiative to open the door of your accord, albeit perhaps with reluctance. Or you can pretend that you are not at home. But you can’t deceive the gods. They know you are there, alive and demand your presence. Uranus will strike down your door when you least expect it. Neptune will turn into slivers and wisps of smoke and slip through the creaks or the gap under the door. Pluto may burn down the door or perhaps the entire house. You see, one way or another, it’s time for your appointment with them.

Why do they hurt so much then? As they are transpersonal planets, they are not part of our daily lives, our “normal” self or even how most societies work. For most people anyway.

Uranus represents change – sudden and unexpected change. Psychologically, it symbolises the absolute freedom to do whatever we desire, to honour our real self, stripped off societal expectations and restrictions. Neptune represents a subtle change but unmistakable nevertheless. It may feel like nothing initially. But it creeps on you and before you know it, you are “gone”. It’s like the frog who got cooked in a pot of water that’s put to boil. Psychologically, it symbolises the spiritual side to us. Pluto represents transformative change. The word “transformation” get overused a lot. But the essence of Pluto is to clear the ground so that you can start your life afresh. Painful yes. Avoidable perhaps no.

Based on the nature of the gods that I have described above, you can see that they are typically not part of our everyday experience, unless you are attuned to their energies in your natal chart by way of them making an aspect to your personal planets (Sun to Mars) and/or sensitive angles (ASC, MC, DSC, IC). If they are not usual to us, they inevitably hurt as they change the status quo which most of us are comfortable with and have grown to expect.

When faced with a god, the tradition, as I understand is, is to make an offering to him/her. Usually, the offering has to be that’s something precious and valued to us. The typical human being is inherently attached to something or someone. When that is relinquished from us, it feels like part of us is chopped off. Even a sacrifice or offering that’s made willing doesn’t negate the pain that we experience. It brings to my mind the bible story of Abraham bringing his son Isaac to the mountains to be sacrificed as God told him so.

My idea of gods is that they have the capacity to bless human beings although yes, they can wreak havoc and destroy too. The question is what are their blessings? Are you focusing on the sacrifice or the gift?