Sunday, 23 April 2017

Communication Styles and the Third House

communication 3rd house astrology
I was doing a consultation for a client who is very heavy on Capricorn and has Saturn rising (i.e. Saturn on her Ascendant). Based on my experience with Capricorn-heavy clients, they tend to be cautious and reserved – this usually includes the things that they tell me during a reading as well. Therefore at the start of the consultation, I told the client that the more she tells me about her situation the more I can help her. However, I would understand if she’s cautious about sharing certain personal information about her. She said not to worry, she won’t hold back on her life. Indeed, during the consultation, she shared with me tons of her personal life.

I was scratching my head as I went home. Something obviously doesn’t gel. Maybe Capricorns do talk a lot of their personal and private lives to especially astrologers after all. What am I missing here?

It occurred to me that Uranus is in her 3rd house, the house of communication amongst other matters. Uranus represents the freedom to do something, at the point of being rebellious. It’s the planet that wants to do things its own way and doesn’t appreciate others to lord over it. When it’s placed in the 3rd house, of course one of the myriad manifestations is the ability to talk freely or to share information unrestrictedly! (Although there is a square between Saturn rising and Uranus, I suppose she has worked through it over the years).

I was talking to my buddy today. She has Pluto in her 3rd house. It made me realise (again) why she dislikes small talk and often likes to talk about deep and “serious” topics like psychology, the state of mankind, her beliefs, etc. Also, she can certainly be controlling and powerful i.e. influencing in her speech.

Which makes me think of another client that I had seen. She has natal Neptune in her 3rd house. She came to me as she felt “blocked”. I had a look at her transit. Voila! Saturn was transiting in her 3rd house. With Neptune in her 3rd house, she is used to thinking fluidly about anything. With Saturn transiting through her house of communication however, she had to slow down and plod through daily life. In fact, she said that she received less inspiration during the Saturn transit.

There you go, do you have any planets in your 3rd house and what’s the sign on the cusp of your 3rd house, along with the condition of its ruler? How do they affect your communication style?