Weekly Horoscope: 2017 March 20

Weekly Horoscope: 20-26 March 2017

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20)
Healing yourself from your unconscious self-defeating thoughts or by mindful contemplation can help to produce the inner and/or outer resources that you seek.
Taurus (Apr 21 – May 21)
Conserve your energy. Laying low, staying behind the scenes can vitalise you. Allow others to approach you. Bid your time. Now is not the time to act.
Gemini (May 22 – Jun 21)
Everyone has secrets, so do your friends or the groups that you are associated with. The thing is, do you allow them to change your relationship with your mates or your associations?
Cancer (Jun 22 to Jul 22)
Translate the commitment to your plans and actions into authoritative thought leadership at work.
Leo (Jul 23 to Aug 23)
For those seeking a relationship, love can be found in places you never thought of – while holidaying, in college or even in a place of worship. And maybe someone not local.
Virgo (Aug 24 to Sep 22)
Deriving intimacy from your love affairs is something to work at. For those with children, seek the common ground between you and them. Both your lives are more alike than you realise.
Libra (Sep 23 to Oct 23)
Get ready your sunnies – your close relationship brings light to your aspirations and even your life. For those seeking a partnership, one might be found from your friends or the group(s) you belong to.
Scorpio (Oct 24 to Nov 22)
For those with a partner, work at having fun sex with your other half. It doesn’t always need to be full-on and done at night. For those who are still searching for the other half, who says dating can’t be fun?
Sagittarius (Nov 23 to Dec 21)
For those seeking a relationship, thinking or talking about your love affairs helps you to decide whether they should remain as friends.
Capricorn (Dec 22 to Jan 20)
Taking a backseat is not helping you with cultivating strategic connections in your daily environment. Peace can always be enjoyed outside of work.
Aquarius (Jan 21 to Feb 18)
Now is the time to utilise your creative intelligence involving your personal resources to make your dreams come true, one step at a time.
Pisces (Feb 19 to Mar 20)
Reconcile any thoughts on standing on your own two feet and any reliance on other people’s resources, material, emotional or otherwise.

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