Horoscopes: 2017 March

March 2017 Horoscopes

Dear readers! This month’s horoscopes is written in a slightly different way – instead of “XYZ might happen to you”, I will pose questions to you instead. It’s time to answer some questions!

Pisces (Feb 19 to Mar 20) 

Lao Zi, the Chinese philosopher said “The journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step.” If you can start your life afresh, what would you do? 

How is your financial health? Like a seedling, look after it carefully for it to grow into a tree. 

A burst of energy in the relationship sphere of your life mid-month. Have you learned to tango better with another person this time round?

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20) 

A time of self-reflection and me-time awaits you before your daily routine kicks off with a bang mid-month. How has the past year after your 2016 birthday gone? 

What gives you a sense of security and your self-worth? Examine your values to see if they are based on something within or without you.

It’s going to be your birthday soon! Many happy returns of the day! What is your direction in life for this coming year?

Taurus (Apr 21 – May 21) 

We might have certain unconscious thoughts and behaviours that stop us from being our best self or getting results that we value, sometimes in work or our health. Can you identify those hidden thoughts and behaviours of yours?

Towards the middle of the month, it might feel like you are finally released from jail! What plans are you hatching in the meantime?

Continue to steer yourself consciously towards your life direction – what’s your life direction again?

Gemini (May 22 – Jun 21) 

You can on your route to something new in your vocation or your public reputation. What would you like that to be?

For those who are working, how can you best manage the demands of your home and professional life? For those are not, how different is your public life and private life from each other?

In Bronnie Ware’s book “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying”, regret #4 is “I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends”. You may not be dying but which friend(s) of yours would you like to reach out to? Some of you may not have mates, that’s fine. What can you do to find one or two?

Cancer (Jun 22 to Jul 22)

Imagine you are on the headline of your country’s main newspaper. What would you like the headline and the article to read?

Just like our milk teeth, we have to shed our beliefs when they no longer support us, just like we have to put aside the clothes that no longer fit us. What are some new beliefs or philosophy of life that may be more appropriate in your life now as compared to the past?

Words are powerful. They can heal, hurt, harm or help. Which area of life can you best utilize any bursts of communication energies of yours mid-month? 

Leo (Jul 23 to Aug 23) 

Treasure hunters, pay attention to this! Are there are any buried “treasures” within you? Those who dare venture into the deep and dark cave will be rewarded.

What needs to be changed before your life can be better?

Towards the end of the month, why not do something different, something adventurous. What would that be?

Virgo (Aug 24 to Sep 22) 

Is there an old relationship  or value of yours that seems to be resurfacing in your life? It might be best to give in to it to transform on its own accord. 

On the other hand, a potential new beginning on your relationships with others awaits you. How would you approach them this time round? 

Mid-month, it’s all me, me, me. If you can harness the burst of energy to act, what would you be doing?

Libra (Sep 23 to Oct 23) 

Have you watched The Notebook (2004) where Rachel McAdams went back to look for her season love Ryan Gosling? 
What would you do if your old flame/someone really close came back contacting you again?

What do you think about your current relationships? Remember relationships are organic – they evolve over time.

They say health is wealth. What can you do to further enhance your well-being?

Scorpio (Oct 24 to Nov 22) 

A partnership is that – two separate people with different needs and wants coming together to work or live together. Consider whether you have considered the needs and wants of your partner. 

What do you truly desire in your close relationships? If you aren’t in a close relationship, how do you act on your desires for one?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. What is something fun and pleasurable to you? Go on and do it.

Sagittarius (Nov 23 to Dec 21) 

I bet you that the Empire State Building in New York City won’t standing now if not for its strong foundations. Are your foundations and roots including your family and inner self strong and steady to support your highest calling in life?

For those looking for romances, it might be worthwhile to identify the reasons why your past romance(s) didn’t work out.

A good health shouldn’t be taken for granted. What can you do to further enhance it?

Capricorn (Dec 22 to Jan 20) 

Communicating is part and parcel of our modern daily lives. Is there any way your communication skills can be further enhanced?

Do you have any siblings? If so, how about getting into touch with them to see what’s new in their lives?

Even though you may consider yourself a liberal and open-minded person, is there anything where you can benefit from broadening your mind on a subject? Think hard…

Aquarius (Jan 21 to Feb 18) 

Jim Carrey the American Actor wrote himself a cheque for 5 million dollars when he was struggling as an actor as an aspiration and inspiration. If you aspire towards a secure financial foundation, how do you build up your finances?

Changes are part of life, just like a season change with time. Are there anything that you are holding on to when it’s time to let go?

We all have certain notions of our family/home/parents. The question is: are those thoughts valid? 

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