Your Lot in Life

The Three Sisters of Fate

Once upon a time, there was a soul, a soul to reborn onto Earth. It went with the other souls to a grand hall.
At the grand hall were three sisters. The youngest of them all, a maiden called Clotho was spinning all kinds of thread. Blue ones, red ones, threads of gold, of silver, of copper, of cotton, of all kinds of material and colours that you could possibly imagine. That’s not all. In fact, each thread was very special indeed. Each thread represented a human life.
Clotho weaved into each thread a person’s parents, date and place of birth, appearance, gender, strengths and weaknesses, personality and many more. When she was done with each thread, she passed them to her older sister, Lachesis, who presented them to the souls. The souls got to choose the lot of thread that they want. Once the thread was chosen, the oldest sister of them all, Atropos, snipped it. The length of a thread determined how long a person could potentially live. And no, there’s no bargaining with Atropos. She’s the feared one and no one ever dared to negotiate with her for fear of a even shorter life.
Once each soul had chosen his lot, it must be on its way to incarnate as a human being. Before it could enter Earth, it had to drink from the river of forgetfulness so that it would forget the lot it had chosen – its life choice.
I know you didn’t “choose” your lot in life. And logically, you would chosen a much better lot. The truth is you can’t change your lot – your parents, the natural colour of your eyes, your country of birth and so on. Rightly or wrongly, you are dealt with a set of cards. Where you get to in life depends on how you play the cards that you are dealt with. Certainly, the other card players affect the way you play your own cards. That’s life and you can’t control how the game goes. You just have to do your best. Or you could get someone else to play your cards, e.g. the government or  othersm and relinquish the control of your life to them.
People say when life gives you lemon, make lemonade. That assumes that lemons are rotten and useless stuff. The truth is, lemons are great detoxifying fruits. It removes the toxic in your body when taken properly. Naturally, the detox process can make you feel sick and weak which can have you screaming and crying away. But, you end up in a better place after some time. That is, if you choose to recognise the numerous uses of lemons. So, I say, when life gives you lemon, make lemonade, use it for detox, use it for all these purposes. Your lot is never what you think it is.

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