Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Why is Change so Painful?

Let's say you are a round peg in a very comfortable round hole. You want a better life, a better job, a better lover, a better home, etc. In other words, you are looking for another new hole. However, the new hole doesn't actually quite fit you. You have to change your shape to fit into the hole. 

You may need to become a bigger round peg or a smaller round peg which can be very uncomfortable. But you are still a round peg. So the change doesn't feel that bad. Or you may need to change your shape altogether. From a round peg to a square peg, a triangular peg, a rectangular peg or a star-shaped peg.

Let's say you want to change from a round peg to a square peg. If you are made of wood, you will need to saw off parts of yourself. Ouch. That's painful. You are screaming with pain.
I'm sorry. But look at the new you. A square peg in a square hole.