Friday, 10 February 2017

Why are Gemini Jack of All Trades?

Read on if your zodiac sign a.k.a. Sun sign is Gemini. This post also applies if 
your Moon or Ascendant is in Gemini.

The zodiac sign Gemini is represented by twins. Contrast this with say Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo and so on which are represented by only one animal or person. But there's two of them in Gemini. This gives us a hint into the multiple nature of the sign. 

Just like a pet dog has a owner, each zodiac sign has a "ruler". The ruler of Gemini is the planet Mercury. When I think of Mercury, I think of speed, and a quick thinker and talker. Mercury likes data, information, input. The more you feed it, the happier it is.  This is one reason why most Gemini are Jack of All Trades. They simply enjoy lots of different information, people, environments, experiences. The more the merrier.

Reason number 2 - The sky above us is divided into 12 sections a.k.a. houses. Each section represents an aspect of our lives. Mercury speeds through the solar system above us, passing through the various houses, spending about a month in each house. When it is in each house, it pauses and spends its energy to think about and/or talk about the affairs of each house. So, it's likely that when you meet and talk to a Gemini, their attention shifts every month to a new topic. This gives them the impression of being well-versed or well-read in various topics and being a Jack of all trades. 


For those with intermediate knowledge on astrology

What I have written above describes a pure Gemini. Often times, Gemini may have a relationship a.k.a. aspect with another planet or a luminary which causes the mutable nature of Gemini/Mercury to be focused - Mercury aspects Saturn is an example.