Friday, 10 February 2017

Why are Cancers Moody?

People say that Cancers have a tendency to be moody and brood a fair lot. These same people also say that Cancers are changeable people. One day you may find them being the life of the party. Another day they are like hermits withdrawn into their caves. Ask one of them why they behave the way they do. It's likely that the Cancer isn't even conscious of or understand their own mood patterns. 

Why do Cancers behave like that? Cancers are ruled by the Moon. As you know, the Moon goes through cycles - it goes from a new Moon to a quarter Moon to a full Moon and then back to a quarter Moon and a new Moon. The Moon repeats this pattern of change nearly every month (about 29.5 days). 

During these 29.5 days, the Moon passes through all the 12 zodiac signs in the sky, spending about 2.5 days in each sign. As it is in each sign, it acquires the moods and characteristics of each sign. So, the Moon doesn't just change its "shape", it is subject to the influence of a new sign about every 2.5 days as well. 

That is why Cancers are rather changeable. They are ruled by the Moon which changes shapes and signs regularly. Notice the word "regularly". There is a pattern to the Cancer's moods. You can be aware of them, predict them and get used to them. Thank God for that!

Now give your Cancer a hug and tell him/her that everything is going to be all right!