Where to Find Love?

It takes a few things to happen before you meet the love of your life. Or one of the loves in your life. One of the things that need to happen is showing up at the right place. As realtors like to say, location is everything. Well, location isn’t everything in our case, but definitely a key factor to meeting that special someone!

Venus is the planet of love (and planet of other things too). If you can find out where Venus is for you, you can then show up at those places and maybe cupid will pair you up with someone if it’s your turn!

Where is your Venus this Valentine Day? 
Hint: Venus is in the same place from February 10, 2017 to March 10, 2017.

Venus in 1st house

  • You find love wherever you are. Pump up your charms. People will be magnetised by you

Venus in 2nd house

  • You don’t have to go anywhere in particular
  • Note: if you do meet someone during this time, I would advise that your values, especially on money are similar or aligned

Venus in 3rd house
Find love from:

  • Your sibling(s) if you have any – get them to introduce you to people that may potentially “work” for you
  • People in your daily environment i.e. your local community and neighbourhood – talk to them
  • Social and dating apps – start being active on these apps and chat with people

Venus in 4th house

  • Your parent(s) if you trust them – get them to introduce you to potential partners. I know this may be cringeworthy for some of you. But in certain cultures, it’s actually the norm for your parents to find you your other half!
  • House parties – if there’s any that’s going on, go for it!
  • Any activities done from (your) home

Venus in 5th house

  • From doing things that you enjoy or hobbies – if your favourite activity is solitary in nature, see if you can participate in a group. For example, if you enjoy reading books, you can join a book club (very intellectual I know)
  • If you are a single parent, the single parents of your child/children’s friends may be the one for you. A bit far fetched I know. But hey, that has happened in movies before!
  • Creative or sporty activities, if you enjoy them. For example, go to concerts of your favourite singer or musicals. Go for a game of football or baseball.

Venus in 6th house

  • Your workplace – have you been eyeing that someone in your company? Don’t just sit there. Create opportunities for that person to get to know you.
  • Health related activities – maybe you will meet someone in the gym or in your hot yoga class…

Venus in 7th house

  • Business partner – I’m not saying that this is a good idea. But it’s a plausible idea for your life partner to be your business partner as well. In fact, I know a few of such couples. Otherwise you don’t have to go anywhere in particular to find love

Venus in 8th house

  • Financial institutions – think banks, insurance companies, mortgage companies, credit unions
  • Dark and unground places –  try cellar bars like those in Krakow Poland, underground clubs
  • Support groups, especially those providing emotional support – I haven’t personally heard of anyone finding their life partner from support groups but I remain open-minded

Venus in 9th house

  • Overseas – if you are on a holiday, you may meet the man/woman of your life!
  • Foreigners – foreigners may find you especially attractive during this time
  • Anywhere/anything that you have not tried before – this is the perfect time to go somewhere or do something new. YOLO. Even if you don’t meet someone, your life would be so interesting
  • Universities, colleges – if you are taking a course, you may find love in your fellow student or professor

Venus in 10th house

  • Continue working – you may meet someone during the course of your work
  • Authority figures – has there been a romance brewing between you and your direct/indirect boss?
  • Someone related or associated with your mother – a godchild or one of her younger friends perhaps

Venus in 11th house

  • Your friends – it’s a beautiful thing if your partner is your best friend as well
  • Groups, clubs, societies and associations – join group activities at this time. Even if you don’t meet your other half, I bet that you will enjoy your time here
  • Volunteering activities – soup kitchen or meal deliveries anyone? It’s no excuse if you haven’t volunteered for in your entire life. Try something different!

Venus in 12th house

  • Secret places – This is the house of secrets or what I like to call the Chamber of Secrets which is found in Harry Potter book 2
  • Your past – is there a possibility of a rekindling of an old flame?
  • Spiritual places – try temples, churches, mosques, etc
  • For a few of you only – hospital and prisons. Well love can be found in the most unlikely places sometimes

That’s all folks!

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