Thursday, 9 February 2017

Use your Birthday to Plan for the Year Ahead

Many happy returns of the day! Have you heard of this birthday greeting before? You probably did. What does it really mean though? You will find out about it in this post.

At the date and time when you were born, just fresh out of your mother's body, the Sun is at a certain location above the Earth. The Sun then continues to travel on its "apparent" path around the Earth after your birth (ah! We all know that it's the Earth that revolves around the Sun. Hence, the word "apparent"). The Sun returns to the location when you were born 365 days later i.e. on your date of birth, thus giving rise to the expression "Many happy returns of the day!"

No doubt you may have some plans to celebrate your birthday. Or it might be a quiet one. Regardless of how you intend to celebrate it, today is a day of new beginnings. Any venture or endeavour that you start today is going to be injected with solar energy and will likely to come to an acceptable conclusion eventually. So, take advantage of today to start that something that you have been dreaming of or been putting off! Now is the time to do so!

Dear readers: if today is your birthday, proclaim to the world 1 to 3 things that you are start today by leaving a comment below! By writing them down, you are taking the first step toward realising them. So, let's hear them!