Sunday, 19 February 2017

Transits: Changes in Your Loved Ones' Lives

The transits in our charts can indicate the changes that's going through the lives of our parents, partner and friends. 

Some examples wouldn't go astray here:
  • Saturn transiting in natal 3rd house: a client's sister was going through a tough time
  • Pluto transiting in natal 7th house: my partner was going through numerous legal cases which went up to the high court for numerous years i.e. more 10 years. Cases were and are won and lost. A power struggle indeed
  • Neptune transiting in natal 10th house: my mum started going to this Japanese Buddhism temple for the first time in her life, prays, chants and hangs out with her temple buddies. I have never seen her this spiritual before, at least in terms of outward manifestation
  • Uranus transiting in natal 11th house: major changes are going through friends' lives. Although I think this forecast is very "generic" in nature and can apply to any of your friends. It's safe to say that there will be changes going through our friend's lives since Uranus spends about 7 years in each house

I don’t have personal examples of a planet transiting in the 4th house (parents) and 5th house (children). If you have any experiences to share, do tell.

Recommended books for further reading