The Quick & Easy Way to Find Your Perfect Career

In the previous post Find Your Perfect Career, we talked about using astrology to find careers that are suitable for you.  This post shows you a quick and easy method to find your perfect career which is based on the sign of your Midheaven a.k.a. MC.

To Determine the Sign of Your MC

  • You will need an accurate time of birth to be able to do this, preferably from your birth certificate and not from the sometimes hazy memories of your parents. Once you have an accurate time of birth, enter it along with your other birth details into here.
  • Click “Next” twice to generate your zodiac birth certificate.
  • At the bottom of the page, there is a disc. At the top of the disc, you should see a “MC” in a circle. Click on “MC”.
  • A write-up will appear. At the top left corner of the write-up, it will state “Midheaven X°XX” [Sign]“.
  • Note down the sign of your Midheaven/MC.

What Does the Sign of your MC Represent?

The sign of the MC represents the type of careers most suitable for you. Below is a list of the types of careers to get you started. The list is not exhaustive. Some careers may fall into more than one sign depending on their specialization. When in doubt about anything, it’s best to speak to your astrologer.
Sign of your MC
Potential Types of Suitable Careers
  • Vocations that require independence, daring and the pioneering spirit, e.g. F1 racers, entrepreneurs, executives
  • Anything that requires you to “fight”, e.g. firemen, boxers, sportspersons, police officers, soldiers
  • Vocations dealing with the earth or physical material, e.g. farmers, builders
  • Anything involving the physical senses of the body, e.g. massage therapists, perfumers, artists, musicians
  • Occupations involved with money and finance, e.g. bankers, economists, financiers
  • Vocations involved with communication, e.g. journalists, teachers, authors, radio presenters
  • Vocations that requires interaction with numerous people everyday, e.g. secretaries, receptionists, cashiers
  • Occupations involved with transportation, e.g. drivers, train conductors, plane pilots
  • Suited to multi-tasking. Can engage in more than one occupation at a time. Consider moonlighting or a side line for extra income
  • Vocations that nurture physically, e.g. chefs, nutritionists, service staff
  • Vocations that nurture emotionally, e.g. counselors, preschool teachers
  • All careers dealing with the home, e.g. B&B owner, hotel managers, realtors
  • Water-related occupations, e.g. swimmers, fishermen, sailors
  • May be suited to work from home
  • Performers of all types, e.g. actors and actresses, comedians, teachers, speculators
  • Leaders of all types, e.g. managers, executives, government officials, politicians
  • All vocations involving children, e.g. kindergarten and primary school teachers, childminders
  • Vocations dealing with analysis, detail and technical expertise, e.g. accountants, computer programmers, specialists
  • Health occupations and those with an aim to “serve”, e.g. doctors, dentists, nurses, house cleaners, hotel concierge
  • Vocations that deal extensively with people, especially on a one-to-one basis, e.g. salespeople, managers, relationship counselors, negotiators
  • Vocations that deal with justice, e.g. lawyers, judges, arbitrators
  • Occupations dealing with beauty, e.g. painters, artists, hairdressers
  • Vocations that focus on uncovering hidden secrets or information, e.g. researchers, investigators, psychotherapists
  • Occupations dealing with death and taboo matters: funeral directors, undertakers, occultists
  • Those who work as healers: surgeons, all medical practitioners
  • Occupations dealing with higher knowledge, e.g. professors, philosophers, priests, publisher
  • Vocations dealing with exploration, travel and adventure, e.g. travel agents, import-export agents, athletes of all types
  • Vocations dealing with administering and organising, e.g. administrators of all types, managers, business owners
  • Occupations that work with form and structure, e.g. architects, contractors, civil engineers
  • Vocations dealing with progress and inventions, e.g. scientists, inventors, (computer) technologists
  • Those who work to promote social reform and progress, e.g. social workers, humanitarians, United Nations workers
  • Occupations dealing with electricity, e.g. electricians or with air, e.g. pilots, hot air balloonists
  • Vocations of a spiritual nature, e.g. mediums, priests, charity workers
  • Those who work as healers, especially of the unconscious mind or involving the feet, e.g. psychiatrists, hypnotists, podiatrists
  • Occupations of an artistic nature, e.g. poets, musicians, writers, actors
  • Water-related occupations, e.g. swimmers, bartenders, sailors
This is the quick and easy method to determine careers that may be suitable to you. Don’t decide your university course or quit your current job purely based on the above! There are other information to be considered.

In the next post, I will show you another method which is more accurate than the one above.


Some of the suggested vocations above are taken from Astrology for Yourself by D. George and D. Bloch

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