The Perfect Life

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Time is Running Out

  • You may find your current job unsatisfying and soul draining. What if your “perfect” job turns out to be unfulfilling like your old one?
  • You have always wanted to move to the countryside to be in the open and with mother nature. What if living in the countryside turns out to be impractical and you don’t actually like it after all?
  • The ‘spark’ between you and your partner is long gone. Maybe it’s time to find another person to be in your life? You got a divorce and found someone. But what if Mr. Perfect or Ms. Perfect doesn’t quite satisfy your relationship needs and wants after all?

It’s Time to Wake Up. Stop Dreaming

“I have always wanted to be a clinical psychologist. But I work as an accountant to support my family and to pay off the mortgage. But what if I were a clinical psychologist? Hmmm, maybe I can check out some of those part-time psychology courses …”

You have always had this vision of what the perfect life means for you. Right now though, you are falling really short of it. You are not getting any younger. The clock is ticking. You feel this sense of urgency that time is running out. Perhaps you can do something now to reach for those stars.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to go for your dreams! One thing though – you want to make sure that your dreams are attainable and will truly make you happy. For example,

Sometimes, not all the time, the happiness that you seek is found within you. Just like the protagonist in the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

When I was young, there were times where I was having a beautiful dream until dawn. I could feel the sunlight streaming through my room. I could hear my grandmother bustling about in the kitchen. I don’t want my beautiful dream to end. But it’s going to be time for school soon. I opened my eyes reluctantly to be back in the real world.

Like me, you may have to let go of some of your dreams and fantasies eventually. This includes becoming the President of your country, marrying that TV actor or actress or becoming a billionaire. It’s time for more realistic goals.

What’s the Meaning of Life?

You have everything. You are living your perfect life that others can only dream about. You are happily married to your perfect man/woman, your children are beautiful and smart, you are in your dream career and you are financially independent. Basically, every item on your “My Perfect Life” checklist are checked. And yet, something is still missing.

Look inside you for the meaning of your life. What gives your life meaning? What’s the purpose of your life? When you have discovered the meaning/purpose of your life, act on them. Make them come true.

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