Saturday, 11 February 2017

Tell Me About the Sun

Imagine at the very moment when you were born, the Sun and the Moon and the planets (e.g. Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune) were all in the sky above you with you in the very center of them.
Visualise a circle around the cute little (or big) baby that is you. Divide this circle into 12 areas where each zodiac sign (e.g. Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) occupy an area.

Picture each planet hovering in the sky above you, which is divided into those 12 areas. Let's say the Sun was in the Leo part of the circle when you were born. We say that your Sun is in Leo, which is your star sign or your zodiac sign. That is why another name for zodiac signs or star signs is Sun signs. Got it?

Let's divide the space around the Earth into 12 sections, each comprising of a zodiac sign

For those who are astute, you might be thinking "What about the Moon and the other planets that were floating above me when I was born? Do they have a sign too?" BINGO! You are absolutely right. Each of those planets has a sign too (the Sun and the Moon are technically called luminaries but we will call them planets here).

In astrology, each of those planets represent different parts of you, in addition to the Sun. In fact, when you study astrology, you don't just study your zodiac/star/Sun sign, you also study the signs of your Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn too (you would also study about something called Houses and lots of other things too). Cool, huh?