Pluto Transits

Pluto is the god of the underground.  When it transits especially one of our personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) or an angle (Ascendant, Descendant, MC and IC), you can be sure that whatever is introduced by Pluto is significant and has a long lasting effect on your life. 
I think back on the some of the hard (particularly conjunction, opposition and square) Pluto transits in my life and have to concede that they reflect the themes of Pluto – death, destruction and regeneration, deep emotional spell and even something taboo, underground and involving sex. 

Here are some of my hard Pluto transits:

  • Pluto opposition Mars – my dad died. He had been fighting against cancer for years. 
  • Pluto square Saturn & Jupiter – my grandma died. My grandma was the person who provided me with life’s structure, instead of my parents, albeit with lots of freedom. 
  • Pluto opposition Mercury – I went through a premature “midlife crisis”. I remember the months when my friends comforted and consoled me during this period. However one of them said that I was too young to be having a midlife crisis (I was in my late 20s then)!
  • Pluto conjunct Descendant – I met someone and our relationship is definitely Plutonic in nature.
  • Pluto square MC – in Singapore, there’s this educational programme called “First 3 months” whereby you study in a junior college a.k.a. high school for 3 months while waiting for your GCE O level results. I was in this programme and quit after one month as I decided that my aspiration was to be a hotel manager – no doubt from watching too many tv drama serials. I enrolled in a hospitality management course before quitting it after 6 months to return to a junior college – I decided that my true aspiration is to be a teacher instead. These events took place within the span of one year. 

Chances are that you can recall what has happened in your life when there was a hard Pluto transit given the effect of this small yet weighty planet is. It’s not called the god of the underground for nothing.

Why not map out the events of your life against the Pluto transits in your life? Events don’t necessarily have to be something physical that takes place outside of you. It can include anything that happens within you as well, e.g. emotional turmoil.

Recommended books for exploration of Pluto

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