Pluto Transits – How Do They Feel?

In short, they can feel like hell. Like you have taken a plunge from cloud 9 to the depths of hell. 

I shall explain Pluto transits using two analogies.

1. Pluto is Like Being in Labour

Pluto transits can be likened to giving birth, especially in the old days where there’s no aesthetic. I’m not a woman and certainly haven’t given birth to any babies out of my cock. So, with absolutely no disrespect to women, the following is based on my imagination. 

The water bag burst – it’s a state of emergency. Panic and anxiousness set in. The pain is intense. It’s time to deliver the baby. The husband runs or cycles to get the village’s midwife over. The wife thinks “Why the fuck are they taking such a long time to come?” The pain is almost unbearable now. Rage or desperation fills her. 

Finally, the midwife arrives. The woman is ready for her. She exposes her fanny to the midwife. Normally she would feel vulnerable about flaunting her private parts although she might not be too concerned about that now given the pain she’s experiencing. 

The wife heaves and pushes to get her baby out. It’s hard work. Very intense. All her attention is concentrated on the task. She summoned and marshalled her willpower to push. She feels that she’s pushed to her limits. It feels more like a torture now. But she will get through it. She must survive. *I will survive* by Gloria Gaynor plays in the background. She has heard of women who couldn’t get their babies out and died. She wouldn’t be one of them. 

It’s a long drawn process.

2. Pluto is Like Meeting Death

I was watching the TV series Charmed where three sisters have magical powers. In one of the episodes, one of the charmed ones, Prue, came face to face with the Angel of Death. According to the Wiki for Charmed, “Death claims the souls of those who die and takes them to the afterlife. It is useless to fight him as he cannot be destroyed for there is always death, and there is only life because of death. The Angel of Death cannot be stopped and never gives up a claim.” (added italics are mine)

You can’t negotiate, bargain or plead with death. When death takes you, your loved ones, your feelings, your job or your dog, you can’t refuse him. It’s like he makes you an offer that you just can’t refuse, even if it’s against your will. Yep, that’s how Pluto can feel often times. You didn’t ask for it to happen to you. Who in their right mind would ask for such a thing to happen to them? When death approaches, one can feel depressed or helpless. Or one might refuse to accept what Pluto has presented to them and explode in a rage. But still, rage wouldn’t stop Pluto in his tracks. 

3. Pluto is Like Being Addicted

I can’t say that I have been truly addicted to anything except sloth perhaps. Based on my limited understanding of addiction, I say that when you are addicted, there is this compulsive side to you. You keep doing/thinking the same thing over and over again. Your desires are intense and dominate over you. When you are not feeding your addiction, you may feel a range or medley of emotions – anything from rage, anxiousness to feeling lost or a sense of loss. 

That my friend is how Pluto feels like. Or maybe not. Find out why in this post Pluto Transits – Why do I Feel Normal During One?

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