Neptune Transits: Top 6 Ways to Manage Them

I originally wanted to title this post “Top 6 Things to Do” and realized that actively doing is the antithesis of a Neptune transit. Instead, it might be wiser to allow, let go and surrender to come what may. It’s like fighting in water. When you punch and kick inside water, it slows down your punches and kicks, reducing their power and causes you to be lose more energy in the process. Instead, if you go with the flow, allow the water to sustain you, you float and end up in a better position than if you were to resist against the water. 

As with all transits, Neptune Transits don’t equal to “bad” or “good” transits. It just is and is designed to open us to a different dimension of life – the spiritual and intangible realms. Naturally, when we manifest Neptune transits positively, there’s no real need to “deal” with it since we are already happy as little vegemites. 

Here’s my top 6 ways to respond to Neptune transits when they are not going the way we want them to. In no order of preference,

  1. Retreat from the world. Have lots of me-time. Take strolls and walks alone or with your dog if you have one. Rest. Engage in productive rest. 
  2. Reflect and contemplate. Start a journal if you don’t have one. Keep an online private blog. Keep a dreams diary.
  3. Listen or play music, paint, draw or act. Engage in creative activities to get your inspiration, thoughts, feelings flowing.
  4. Grief, cry. Moan over what you are going through. Give in to your feelings. Feel helpless. Feel vulnerable. Feel confused. Allow yourself to feel those feelings.
  5. Give of yourself by volunteering or doing charitable acts. Pay it forward. Show your compassion for others or other living things. As you give part of yourself, you may discover a meaning to your life and what you are going through.
  6. Recognise that you don’t have control over whatever is happening / has happened to you. Everything happens for a reason. Trust. Have faith. Just allow. Let go. Surrender.

May peace and serenity be with you.

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