Thursday, 9 February 2017

Musings on MC/10th House

To understand this post, you will need to understand the sign of your MC/10th house.

As you probably know, the sign on the cusp of your 10th house/MC (depending on which house system you use) represents, among many other things, how you are seen by others, society and the world.

The qualities indicated by that sign usually signifies what we admire in others and would like in ourselves. They are not qualities that we already possess but rather something that we have work hard to attain. The MC is the highest point in our natal charts, so it's likened to climbing a mountain and reaching the top of it. Even for non-climbers, I'm sure  you can appreciate that scaling a mountain, in winter or otherwise, is arduous work.

My MC is in Pisces. For half of my life up to now, the MC that I have been climbing towards is a Taurian MC, rather than a Piscean MC as I did a degree in accounting and worked and trained as a chartered accountant for the past 8-9 years. Interesting enough, Taurus is on the cusp of my 12th house - the "hidden" house. I wondered this morning, whether by working in accounting, I'm strengthening the potentials of my 12th house as well as remaining hidden from the rest of the world. In other words, I would never reach my Pisces MC as I would be "submerged" in the 12th house. Or a negative way to see it would be: I am unconsciously sabotaging myself by focusing on a Taurian career instead of a Piscean one.

Having said that, in recent years, I am more known for my "fortune teller" and musical skills among my colleagues than  my accounting expertise. So, I guess I have started on my climb towards my Pisces MC after all.

I suppose I can/could have continued with accounting and do astrology, music and other Pisces-related stuff on the side and still reach my Pisces MC eventually, albeit at a slower rate. However, the reality is that we only have X amount of energy and time every day. A full time job takes up more than half of our day and energy. And some of us are like dead ducks when we come home from work (unless you work from home), there's hardly any time left to invest in your hobbies, even less so if you have a family and other commitments e.g. church, volunteering activities.

Here's another example, a friend of mine has MC in Gemini and works in accounting. The cusp on her 9th house is in Taurus. I suppose even by staying in accounting, she would have reached a "high enough" position on her chart even though it's not the highest. Indeed, she's known as the accountant by others.

Certainly, the ruler(s)  of our MC and/or 10th house - its house location(s) and its aspects need to be considered as well to obtain a comprehensive picture of our social position. But I am just focusing on the sign of the MC/10th house in this post.

Moving towards our MC is a conscious choice which requires commitment, discipline and hard work as symbolised by Saturn, the natural ruler of the 10th house. The question is are you consciously working towards your MC?