Life’s Major Tests

[Saturn returns]

Life’s Major Tests

You are enrolled into the school of life the moment you are born.
There are two or three major tests, depending on how long you live. The first major test which is called “Being an Adult” takes place when you are about 28 years old. The second one “Being a Matured Adult” when you are about 56 years old and the last one at about 84 years old.

Tested on Being Realistic and Responsible

There is a syllabus for the major tests. The syllabus is on the different areas of your life and almost always include different aspects of yourself (for those with astrological knowledge, you look at the house containing Saturn, the houses ruled by Saturn and the aspects to Saturn to find out about your personal syllabus). Everyone has a different syllabus. So your syllabus for the major tests would be different from those of your parents, your partner, your friends or your children.
Regardless of what syllabus you have, the overriding objective of the tests is for you to be realistic and responsible in life. To be realistic is to not to have any illusions or unreal perceptions and expectations of the world and your life. Sometimes, we tend to project or imagine things within us onto other people. For example, Alice is deeply in love with Brad but it’s one-sided. She may project her feelings onto Brad, believing that Brad loves her too. You can see that Alice is having unreal perception of her relationship with Brad in this example. To be responsible is to take charge of a situation and be accountable for it and the outcome. Some people avoid responsibility of themselves and their lives by relinquishing the reins of their lives to something outside of them, e.g. their parents, their marriage, the company they work for or the government.

How Am I Tested?

The major tests come in two versions: 1) possibly uncomfortable feelings within you; and 2) other people, events and external circumstances. The version that you get depends on whether you are someone who lives consciously or if you are someone who thinks that the cause of problems in your life are due to other people, events and external circumstances. If you live life consciously, you may experience some kind of tension within you which eventually gets transformed into realisation and growth within you. If you are the latter, things may happen to you as part of the test.

Preparing for the Test

Thankfully, before the major test, you are given lessons and term tests in the past 28 years to help you to prepare for it. Just like in school, we can choose to pay attention in class, do our homework and study hard for the tests.
Different things may happen to different areas of your life which may require you to be realistic and responsible. For example, you met your sweetheart in high school. Years passed and both are you are still together. But you know in your deep heart that both of you know that the relationship isn’t working out and no one wants to say anything as you fear change. Do you see the situation for what it is and do the responsible thing? (the responsible thing to do in this case is to communicate your feelings with your partner  and perhaps give yourselves time to work through the relationship. If it still doesn’t improve after some time, perhaps call it quit).
The thing is: in the school of life, even if you fail your tests and don’t hand in your assignments, you don’t get kicked out of the school. You have to continue in the school.

Here’s Your Test Results

 If you have passed the test, congratulations! Good on you! A pat on your back! It’s time to celebrate your success! It’s no mean feat that you have passed the test. You will feel more secure in yourself and your abilities. You will have established the foundations for your future and be given greater responsibilities in life. Way to go! Now is the time to continue working hard for your next major test (at about 56 or 84 years old).
If, however, you haven’t done enough in the past 28 years to pass the test, you will most probably suffer the consequences of being unrealistic and irresponsible towards your life. I know the word irresponsible sounds very serious. To me, being irresponsible simply just means not taking control of your life. Your parents, your partner, your boss, the company that your work for, the government or the society aren’t responsible for your life. You are a grown up. You alone are responsible for how your life turns out.
A fail in the test can affect different areas of your life, for example, your job, relationships,  family or bank account. You may feel horrible during this part of your life. A big hug to you. Chin up. All is not lost. You are given another chance 7 years later, at about 35 years old (or about 63 years old), to retake the test. It’s a chance to demonstrate your mastery of the syllabus in this supplementary test. Your last chance to get promoted to the next grade. Otherwise, you remain stuck in the lower grades while seeing your classmates go up to the next grade and even to college. It’s time to wake up from your long slumber, my friend.

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