Lessons in Relating to Others

Do you have Saturn in Libra? 

Saturn symbolises a lesson. Libra symbolises relating to others. Therefore, Saturn in Libra symbolises a lesson in relating to others. 

How do you relate to others, especially in your romantic relationships?

Do you generally tend to:

  1. Insist on your own wants and needs while disregarding the other person’s wants and needs; 
  2. Give in readily to the other person while placing little emphasis on your own wants and needs; or
  3. Aim for a win-win situation? 

When Saturn is in Libra, you tend to behave either (a) or (b) especially when you are young. It’s however likely that you gravitate towards (c) as you grow older.

Close relationships of any kind can be tough cookies, especially for those with Saturn in Libra. One of the key lessons for you is learn and master the delicate art and skill of relating to others. I know, it may not be the easiest thing for you to do and you have to work hard at it. But I assure you, the results are totally worth it. As you grow and mature in your people’s skill, success will follow you. It can also protect you and help you to establish yourself in society and achieve success with people. 

If you have Saturn in Libra, check out these recommended resources to help you to master your lesson:

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