Thursday, 9 February 2017

It's Not All Just About the Sun

Enda Kenny, taoisearch - the head of the government of Ireland as at Feb 2017.
Would you say that only he alone describes the Irish government?

Let's say you need to describe …

  • The current government. Would you describe the government just based on the Prime Minister or the President? Or would you also consider the Ministers in the Cabinet as part of your description?

  • A company. Would you describe the company just based on the COE? Or would you also consider the Board of Directors and the other C Suite people as part of your description?

  • A very traditional family where the dad is the head of the household. Would you describe the family just based on the man? Or would you also consider the mum and the children as well?

Hopefully, your answers to the questions above would be the latter. In other words, you would consider the different components of something to understand it. However, there is no denying that, for example, the Prime Minister of a country would have a strong effect on the entire current government and understanding the Prime Minister would help us to have a broad understanding of the current government.

The Prime Minister is like your zodiac sign a.k.a. Sun sign. Sure, the Sun sign can tell us quite a fair bit about you. But it doesn't tell us everything about you. We need to think of the Moon and the other planets to get a complete picture of you, your potential, your gifts and everything. Just reading about your Sun sign is not going to be enough. That is why for some or a lot of people, their Sun sign doesn't describe them at all or only to a certain extent.

You will need to read about your Moon sign, the signs of the other planets, and other things as well to get to the real you. But hey, let's get real here. You want some fun, we give you fun Sun signs!

For those who are intrigued in finding out about your other planets, stay tune for my astrology ebook and course! I will also recommend some books for you to read too.