Tuesday, 28 February 2017

I Love/Hate This Place!

Places You Love

Which part of the world are you going today?

Ever been to a new city and you just love it the moment you step off the plane? A bit of exaggeration I know. But there have been a few places that I have visited that I just fell in love with them very quickly. Here are some of them:

  • Oahu, Hawaii - the land of happiness! 2 weeks here helped me to get over my premature mid-life crisis
  • New York City - I love the energy in NYC. People are straight shooters. There's little of the subtleties that's common in the UK and Ireland, which is a huge relief for me
  • Pittsburgh - how can someone who loves NYC love Pittsburgh as well? Well, I'm the weirdo! The 3 rivers and the vibe of the city centre are amazing
  • Dublin, Cork City, the whole of Ireland! - I love the people to bits. There is just this inner peace and calmness when I'm in Ireland

Location Astrology Explains Why You Love or Hate a Place

There are other places that I have been to that I dislike or even hate (yes, I l know this is a strong word) for various reasons. Actually, there are astrological explanations for that. Astrocartography, a very specialised branch of astrology, can explain that. For example, years ago, when I was tiny, I dreamed of living overseas. I read tons of websites and Australia came up consistently as a top/best country to live in the world. I then applied for an Australian permanent resident visa. And got it. Hurray! I settled on Sydney as my destination, wanting to settle down in Australia for the rest of my life. Somehow, after being there for a while, I knew that this country isn't the one for me (I visited Melbourne previously but didn't take to the place either).

I later found out that, using astrocartography, there's this line that's called Pluto on my IC. This astro jargon basically means that the very foundations of my life would be destroyed (and rebuilt). It sure felt like that - I thought of becoming an electrician or some other blue collar worker instead of staying on as an accountant. I didn't wait for my life to be wiped out though. I *fled* and gave up my Aussie PR. Some say it's foolish of me to do so, especially given that lots of people would do anything to be in my position.

Places that Vitalise You

Anyhow, we are not focusing on astrocartography in this post. I want to share with you the idea of a city (and a country) having a Sun sign. You have a Sun sign e.g. Sagittarius based on your date, time and place of birth. So, cities and countries have their own Sun signs as well! Their Sun signs are based on the date that they are founded or established.

If you have been reading my posts on Sun signs, you would know that your Sun/zodiac sign represents your best self, your purpose in life, the direction you are working towards, your potential, the best expression of yourself, the source of your vitality and energy in life. So perhaps by going to a place whose Sun sign is the same as yours, the place can help you to be your best self, feel great and express yourself and be vitalised. Why not think back about the places that you have been to and see if there's any truth in them? Or make it an experiment. Visit some of these cities which I will be sharing with you later and see if you like them or not!