How to be Angry

[Mars in Cancer, Pisces, Taurus, Libra]

Anger for Some People

Believe it or not – it is very hard for some people to get angry. Take me for example, I can count the number of times that I actually felt angry in my 30+ years of life. It’s not that often. Although the few times when they happened, they were almost always disastrous.

It’s silly that being angry is difficult for me. But it’s true. I’m not alone in my predicament too. I recalled reading that Richard Idemon, a now deceased astrologer, had the same problem. It was tough for him to summon his anger when he was acting in a certain role in theatre which required him to be angry. He did have a breakthrough though.

Anger in Astrology

Mars represents anger in our natal chart. I suspect that people with Mars in Cancer, Mars in Taurus and possibly Mars in Pisces have difficulty feeling angry while Mars in Libra have problems expressing their anger.

The reason for that is probably because the angry energy of Mars is drowned by the watery Cancer (and Pisces?). Although when they do get angry, it’s like a tsunami hitting home – deadly and irreversible. Taurus tends to be stable and fixed so it may be difficult for the anger to come through. Although when it does, watch out for the bull! Libra is nice and cordial, perhaps seeking too much harmony such that they don’t express their anger easily.

How to be Angry

Call it a blessing or a curse. I want to be able to be angry at will. I don’t usually think much of “WikiHow” but this one “How to Get Angry” was very helpful indeed. I summarise some of the main points from the page.

Focus on the Things That You Usually Let Slide

“The easiest way to make yourself angry? Sweat the small stuff. For example,

  • Does your boss usually slam you with work at the last minute, just as you’re about to head off from your shift? If you usually say bear with it and smile at your boss, why not let some anger creep in the when it happens to you again?

  • Does your friend talk about your other friends behind their backs, constantly spreading gossip about them? Don’t ignore bad behaviour like this. Get angry.”

Ah, so that’s how I can get angry. Actually, the tip is very insightful and enlightening. Maybe there’s why there’s so many angry people in this world because they are all sweating the small stuff!

Always Take it Personally

“The next time someone starts a sentence with, ‘Don’t take this personally, but…’ all you’ve to do is refuse to do so and take what he/she says personally.”

That’s a really handy tip. I shall try taking things personally the next time and frighten the shit out of people.

Blame Your Circumstances

“One way to get angry is to blame your circumstances when something bad happens. For example, if you grew up in a working class home, use that to explain your inability to get ahead.”

Now, I was brought up to never blame my circumstances and that I am responsible for how things turn out in life. Nevertheless, I must say I’m excited to practise this tip. For example, the next time when I fail in something. I would tell myself (and others) that I have failed because of my lousy childhood, my parents aren’t rich enough to support me, the government is shite and such ripoff, I’m being marginalised by society, etc. Oh golly. I actually feel good after this blaming exercise!

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