Horsocope 2017 General Outlook For Taurus

Horoscope for Taurus

Dear Taurus,

Opportunities to Improve My Health and Work

Take advantage of any opportunities to improve your daily routine, for example, ask to work from home. As you feel more optimistic about your work environment, that may influence your work colleagues to behave better towards you.

Let’s Get Serious About Sex, Emotions and Power

This is an interesting year for you. Let’s start with:


Sorry. You may be slightly inhibited in your sex making activities this year. Or to put it nicely, you may adopt a responsible attitude towards love making this year (this is so coded that I haven’t any idea what it means but there you go). It doesn’t have to be like that! Get into kinky sex involving power and control, dominance and restraint instead. Think 50 Shades of Grey …


If you are someone prone to having deep, dark or intense emotions, you may find your tap of emotions difficult to turn on this year. It’s like there’s a dam of some sort holding your emotions back. Don’t worry, you are not going crazy. You should be back to normal next year. Actually, this is a good year to go into psychotherapy or counselling to explore those dark and intense emotions of yours if you would like to. You know, to make sense of what goes on inside you.


What does the word “Power” mean to you? Remember that cartoon show “Care Bears”? Each bear has their own special power. What’s your power? Whatever it means to you, you are likely to grow wiser and more mature this year from your experiences involving the use or abuse of power.

Best wishes,

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