Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Horoscope 2017 - General Outlook for Cancer

Horoscope for Cancer

Dear Cancer,

Home Feels Great

This is a great time to spend time at home and with the family. Go to Ikea to make your home the way you have always wanted it. Do some DIY at home. Invite your family or friends to your home to hang out. Play board games or watch a movie together. Work more often from home. You are likely than usual to have a blast when you are at home now.

If you are moving home this year, it is possible that you are moving to your dream home. Moving home can be very stressful but this move will just seem fine!

Lessons at Work

This is a year where you may have to work hard at whatever you do on a daily basis e.g. your work. If there are skills required at work or in your daily life which you haven't mastered yet, you may find yourself spending inordinate time to master those necessary skills.

This may also be a year of increased responsibilities which help you to grow and mature as a person. For example, you had a baby recently and it's your first child. You would need to learn how to take care of your child. Or perhaps the company that you are working for has terminated some employees due to the poor economy and couldn't afford to hire another person. The work then got redistributed to you.

I may have made it sound like it's all work and no fun this year. That's not true. Work done well can bring you immense satisfaction and joy. If done unwell however, it can be stressful and frustrating. This is when you need to roll up your sleeves, pull up your socks and up your game.

Oh yes, do pay attention to your health this year. Are there any healthy habits which helps you in the long term that you need to develop? For example, I have bad reading habits and my short-sightedness keeps getting worse. When this year happened to me, I had to restructure the way I work and read. It's irritating and uncomfortable but I think my eyes will thank me when I am old. Also, try not to prioritise work over health. As they say, your health is your wealth.

Best wishes,