Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Horoscope 2017 - General Outlook for Gemini

Horoscope for Gemini

Dear Gemini,

It's Time to Enjoy

What does fun mean to you? You will especially enjoy your brand of fun during this period. You may feel great about yourself and have no reservations about being your real self. Because of your self-confidence and your vitality, you may even meet a special someone because you are so irresistible. But first you have to put yourself out there so that you can be found! For those with children, they are likely to bring more pleasure to you. If your children have moved out of your home, this is a great time to call them or visit them, anything to spend more time with them.

Avoid speculations and gambling if you can during this period. If you must, be prudent and cautious or else you may lose your pants!

Relationships Are My Teacher in Life

This is a year to tie the knot for you love birds out there. But don't rush through the decision. Consider it seriously. Know what you are signing yourself up for.

When I was going through this year, I learnt about the realities and responsibilities of living with my partner. For example, we need to work through who brings the kids to school, who bears the expenses of each child, agreeing who brings the trash out, the split of the utility bills, who brings the dog for his walks, need I say more? Being in a relationship requires you to learn about the other person and adjusting to the other person. For a relationship to be successful, I believe it takes two mature and responsible adults to make it work. For couples who are realistic and responsible about their committed relationship, this year wouldn't be terribly different from other years. Otherwise, get your act together or else your relationship may suffer!

You don't get to be in a marriage or love relationship to learn about relationships. You can learn about the realities and dynamics of personal relationships through anyone really - your clients, business partners and even your doctor and lawyer.

Best wishes,