Horoscope 2017 General Outlook for Leo

Horoscope for Leo

Dear Leo,

I Feel Great Being Me

Words and ideas just flow freely and abundantly during this time. It’s especially a positive time for writers, lecturers, teachers and really anyone who relies on communication in their daily lives. Watch out for being too chatty and the urge to gossip! Oh yes, life may be better for your siblings too, if you have any. Talk to them to find out!

Serious Fun

This is a year where fun becomes work. One of my clients paints as a hobby. When she went through this year, she started taking formal art lessons to build up on her portfolio so that she can have her own art exhibition in the future. Or you may be an aspiring actor or actress who may step up on your auditions or work hard at getting seen this year. I may be a bore here – but seriously, the hard work, discipline and responsibility that you invest in your creative and fun activities will bear fruit one day. This year is a time to work at your creative projects.
For those with children, this may be a year where you need to invest more energy into your kids. For example, your child is having an important examination this year, you may need to spend time to tutor him or drive him to his tuition classes. Or your child may have some problems in school and you need to spend more time with them or to set out boundaries for them to keep them safe. Dear parents, this is your year to be an extra responsible parent.


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