Guarantees in Love

This post assumes you know the sign of your Venus or someone else’s.

Those with Venus in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn have an earthy love style. Let’s read all about this love style in this post.
Those with an earthy love style are careful when it comes to love matters. It usually takes some time before they give you their heart. Once given, however, they prefer to remain committed to you unless … it’s not practical to do so.
Love is practical and never fairy airy for them. You can trust them to work out the practicalities of a relationship, for example, opening up a joint bank account, sharing the household bills, drawing up a roaster for household chores and who brings the kids to school and many more. Their pragmatism may translate to tangible and useful presents for you! They are more likely to give you a washing machine, a laptop or a deposit for a mortgage than to spend money to buy the moon and the stars for you.
They like conventional relationships so they are likely to treat new age relationships arrangements like open-relationships with suspicion. Long-distance relationship probably won’t work too well for them as they are sensual beings even if they don’t look like it, especially Venus in Capricorn – see how they react to your touch! They must be able to see and touch their lovers which they don’t get to do it even when you are making love over Skype. If they are pushed into it, they may feel unloved and feel that can’t express their love for you too.
The bible says “Love is patient, love is …” Indeed, you can expect the person with this love style to be patient and dependable when it comes to the affairs of the heart (unless there are factors in their chart that suggest otherwise). If both of you need to work through your relationship, he/she wouldn’t be afraid of hard work.
If you want your partner to be dependable, reliable and committed in his/her love for you, look no further. A person with an earthy love style is your best bet. There’s no guarantees in love and relationships. But they sure come close to providing you with one.

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