Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Find Your Perfect Career - Introduction

I believe that each of us is unique - the chances of finding another person identical to you is almost nil. Being unique means that each of us has different gifts, talents, strengths and weaknesses (and different bodies!).

Our differences make us more suited for some work more than others. In the fable "The Animal School", each animal is naturally better at something than at other things. But they are required to be good at everything else too. For example, the duck is great at swimming but he's forced to be good at climbing trees or at flying in the story. We may think that is ridiculous. A duck is meant to swim, not climb trees or fly like an eagle. But often times, that is what we expect from ourselves and others in real life! For example, the personality of some people is just naturally suited to be self-employed. However, they, their parents or society may insist that they get a "stable" job with a big company and ignore who they are as a person instead.

That is why recognising your strengths, weaknesses and your personality is important in finding a career that best suits you. Indeed, I think the bulk of existing psychological career advice is given based on who you are as a person in addition to your interests and educational background.

The benefits of being in one's suitable careers are numerous, including:

  • It is fulfilling and satisfying
  • You are proud of what you are contributing to society
  • Others identify you with your work
  • You gain the respect of others for your work
  • It is easier for you to achieve great results, when compared to doing something which you are not suited for

All in all, you become happier, which I think is a BIG benefit of working in a career that suits you.

We can certainly use astrology to gain insights in our personalities and our strengths and weaknesses and then find suitable careers for you. However, in astrological career counselling, there is a simple method - we focus on the Midheavens or the MC instead.

The next series of posts will show you how to use astrology to find suitable careers for yourself. Good luck to finding careers which suits you to a T!