Find Your Perfect Career – Part 3

In Part 1, we talked about the qualities that you need to reach the pinnacle of your career.
In Part 2, we explored the type of activities to apply those qualities of yours to for maximum success in your career.
Today, in Part 3 of this series on finding your perfect career (if there’s such a thing!), we will cover the other qualities that you need as part of your career. They are equally important to secure your success in this big crazy world.
Note: you will need to understand 1) planets in the 10th house; and 2) aspects, which are the relationship of a planet/point and the other planets/points, for this post.

Other Qualities Needed for Maximum Success at Work 


You will need to find close aspects to your MC. The tighter the aspect, the more important that planet is to attaining your achievements. The type of aspects doesn’t really matter although conjunctions to the MC are absolutely integral.
For example, let’s say Mercury in 1st house trines my MC at less than a degree. I will therefore need to involve either the qualities or activities of Mercury in my career. Mercury represents mental thoughts, communication, commence (he is the God of Commerce after all), speed and travelling. 1st house represents me and my personality among other things. So, to establish myself in my career, I will need to actively think and talk and/or write, perhaps set up my own business and do business on my own and incorporate travelling into my career somehow.


Any planets in the 10th house are essential to your achievement of your position in the world too. For example, Uranus could be in your 10th house. The qualities and activities of Uranus are instrumental to your worldly success. Uranus represents the freedom to be who you are among other things. So in your career, you can’t march to the same beat as everyone, you have to listen and honour your own drumbeat.
And that concludes the career series. I wish you all the best in your current and future endeavours. May you shine brightly so that others and the world benefits from being in your light.

Best wishes,

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