Find Your Perfect Career – Part 2

This post is a continuation of Find YourPerfect Career – Part 1.

In Part 1, you have discovered the qualities that you need to develop within yourself and apply them to your career. In this post, you will discover another piece of the career puzzle, which is to identify the type of work (activities) to apply your qualities to. To do so, you will need to locate the house position of your MC Ruler (i.e. the planet(s) in charge of the sign of your MC).

The Best Type of Activities to Direct Your Qualities

If the sign of your MC is Scorpio, Aquarius or Pisces, you would have two MC rulers, a traditional ruler and one modern ruler. This means that your ideal career will consist of two type of activities with an emphasis on the activities of the traditional ruler.

MC Ruler in 1st House

Potential Areas to Direct Your Qualities

Your body, your physical appearances, health, you calling the shots, a one-man show

Musings on Some of the Potential Areas

You cannot be reliant on others to be successful. You are on your own. You will have to work hard to get there. What you put in is what you get back.

You want to be seen by others or the world. So working behind the scenes wouldn’t cut it for you.

MC Ruler in 2nd House

Potential Areas to Direct Your Qualities

Physical and tangible resources and materials including money, wealth, physical possessions, investments and savings, and attitudes towards them

Musings on Some of the Potential Areas

Your career is likely to be strongly influenced by your personal resources and the often tangible and material things that you value. For example, you may value boats and all things related to boats. Your career may jolly well involves boats.
We don’t just make money from our careers. There are actually other sources of income/money: spouses, inheritances, children (lucky them!), lottery, speculations and investments, just to name some sources. For you, however, the chances are that you make your money from your career.

MC Ruler in 3rd House

Potential Areas to Direct Your Qualities

Things, people, concepts in your immediate daily environment, e.g. communication, routine travel and transportation, early education, paperwork, relatives and siblings, local neighbourhood or community, and neighbours

Musings on Some of the Potential Areas

In most modern day careers, we need to communicate, be it written, verbal or otherwise. However, the extent of communication varies from career to career. For you however, it’s best for your career to be heavy on communications. For example, you may be in PR, an author, a social media manager.
Sometimes, your relatives or siblings are part of or involved in your career. For example, you could be in a business with your sibling just like Walt Disney whose brother managed the commercial aspect of the business (while Walt focused on the artistic side of things).
Commuting may be part and parcel of your career too. Examples like delivery truck drivers, (junior) internal audit professionals and nurses who deliver health talks throughout the country come to my mind.

MC Ruler in 4th House

Potential Areas to Direct Your Qualities

Home, family, the past, roots, parents especially the father, personal lives, working from home, home country, taking over your parents’/parent’s business

Musings on Some of the Potential Areas

Ever thought of working from home? If you haven’t, try it and see how you like it. It is likely that your career can be done or managed from home, for example, writers, international salesperson, private tuition teachers, pet hotel owner.
You might do something about your roots, e.g. bloodline, the country that you come from. The Irish company, which assists clients to trace their ancestral roots, is the perfect example.

MC Ruler in 5th House

Potential Areas to Direct Your Qualities

Children, love affairs and anything fun or creative, e.g. the arts, performing arts (including teaching), recreation, games, sports, hobbies, gambling

Musings on Some of the Potential Areas

Think creativity and artistic talents, the show business, theatre, musicals, performers, comedians, a star on You Tube with millions of loyal followers. Career for you involves a platform (physical stage, a boardroom or otherwise) where you can shine and express your creative talents.

For some people, you might be responsible for the success of your children as their success becomes your “career” (an apt description since you invest an inordinate amount of energy into their lives). I think of the bible character Rebekah who strategized so that his younger son Jacob would receive his father, Isaac’s blessing instead of the older son, whom the blessing was meant for. A dear friend of mine who has this position worked ceaselessly so that her daughter would be successful. Her daughter is now a medical doctor and an actress.
I personally know of a forex trader who has this position.

Your hobby/hobbies may become your career too. Or you may jolly well be a sportsperson.

MC Ruler in 6th House

Potential Areas to Direct Your Qualities

Health, being of service to others, employment, craftsmanship, small animals

Musings on Some of the Potential Areas

What we do on a daily basis at work may not necessarily be what we are known for. For example, a cashier at a supermarket (his work) may be known for his stamp collections, which he exhibits at galleries instead of his daily job as a cashier. As another example, an accountant may be known as a psychic which is her sideline instead. For you however, your daily work is what you are known for.

Often times, doctors and hospital workers have this position.

Alternatively, you may in a career/work where you to subjugate your own needs to “serve” others or  something, for example, a soldier who serves his nation, a butler or a president who serves his nation and citizens rather than his own ego and agenda.

MC Ruler in 7th House

Potential Areas to Direct Your Qualities

Dealing with people, especially on a one-to-one basis, marriage, business partnerships, conflicts with others, legal matters

Musings on Some of the Potential Areas

You are advised to enter into a partnership with someone to maximise your chances for success in your career. For example, you can run a B&B business with your spouse. Or you may be a pianist and collaborate with a singer which gains you fame.

Alternatively, your marriage partner can play an important role in your professional life. There’s an adage that behind every successful man is a wife (rather sexist and implies that every successful person has to be married). Anyhow, it could be the case that your life partner, married or not, is responsible for (driving) your accomplishments.

An essential aspect of your career may involve dealing with people on a one-to-one basis. There’s plenty of examples here: salespersons, therapists, psychologists, private tutors, insurance agents, financial planners, general practitioners.

MC Ruler in 8th House


Potential Areas to Direct Your Qualities

Transformations including death, intimate sex, taxes, loans, inheritances, insurance, emotional depth (e.g. psychology), all things occult and taboo

Musings on Some of the Potential Areas

Your career would involve or require the extensive support of others, be it financial support, emotional support or otherwise. For example, you are an artist and the only way you can “make” it is by a patron who commissions lots of work from you.

Sometimes, you don’t have to work for a living as you can live off your partner’s money or your inheritance. Lucky you!

MC Ruler in 9th House

Potential Areas to Direct Your Qualities

Something foreign and even exotic including non-routine travels, higher education, philosophy, religion, beliefs, publishing, import-export, overseas; teaching

Musings on Some of the Potential Areas

Make your ideas, ideals or your philosophy of life a big part of your career. Perhaps, seek to advance your beliefs and your vision of what could be as your life work. Missionaries can have this position, as well as philosophers and new-age spiritual gurus.

An alternative is to incorporate travel, especially long-distanced ones, as part of your career. Maybe being a travel agent may suit you. Or how about becoming an air steward? Or become a professional traveller by writing for the Lonely Planet guidebook series?

Some of you may contribute to society by teaching – college professors, primary school teachers or otherwise.

MC Ruler in 10th House

Potential Areas to Direct Your Qualities

Your personal accomplishments and reputation, parents, especially the mother, authority, government, and public life

Musings on Some of the Potential Areas

According to astrologers M.D. March and J. McEvers, much of your life may revolve around the need to prove to yourself and others that you are somebody, that you count, that you can, will and must achieve. You may do this in many ways. It is the fact that this is your life’s motivation which makes you different from others.

You may follow into one of your parents’ footsteps by taking over the family’s business or you are in a career as a result of your parent(s).

MC Ruler in 11th House

Potential Areas to Direct Your Qualities

Friends, groups, altruism, hopes and aspirations, social causes, advancement of society

Musings on Some of the Potential Areas

Think groups of all kinds – trade unions, United Nations, charitable organizations, clubs and societies, the parliament.

Think friends. A friend or friends who is instrumental to your career, one way or other.

MC Ruler in 12th House

Potential Areas to Direct Your Qualities

Being alone/isolation, faith, healing, dreams and fantasies, big institutions, the universe, behind the scenes, all things hidden or unconscious

Musings on Some of the Potential Areas

Think of careers where:
  • You work behind the scenes. For example, the elves in Santa’s workshop (someone has to make all those presents!), a movie director, a film producer, the god(s) in the movie “Matrix”.
  • You are the mastermind – Russian mafias come to mind here!
  • You are not who you seem to be – actors and actresses, undercover cops, mystery shoppers, illegal operators of gambling dens with restaurants as the shop front
  • You spend lots of time alone – writers
  • Healing professions are standard fare in this position, especially those who practise spiritualistic or holistic healing.

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