Find Your Perfect Career – Part 1

In my previous post The Quick & Easy Way to Find Your Perfect Career, we used the sign of your Midheaven/MC to identify the different types of careers that are potentially suitable for you.

In this post, we use a different approach to find careers that are suitable for you. We identify:
  • The qualities that make you successful in your career (Part 1)
  • The best type of activities to express those qualities for social recognition (Part 2)
  • Other qualities that you need for a fulfilling career (Part 3)

This approach is somewhat more flexible than the quick & easy approach as you are working with personality traits in Part 1, which are critical to your success in a career. 

With personality traits, you can potentially apply them to any career of your choice and still maximise your chances for success. This is especially if you are “stuck” to your job for whatever reason. Having said that, there are certainly some careers which clearly are not conducive for certain traits. For example, being sensitive and healing as a professional boxer or wrestler clearly don’t make the cut and requires a different career direction. But a writer, a bank teller or waiter can certainly aim to be sensitive and healing in their work as far as possible.

Part 1 is covered in this post while parts 2 and 3 will be covered in subsequent posts.

For Those Without Their Zodiac Birth Certificate a.k.a. Natal Chart

You will need to have your zodiac birth certificate to find your perfect career. To prepare your zodiac birth certificate, you need an accurate time of your birth, preferably from your actual birth certificate and not from the sometimes hazy memories of your parents. Once you have an accurate time of birth,
  • Enter it along with your other birth details into here.
  • Click “Next” twice to generate your zodiac birth certificate.
  • At the bottom of the page, there is a disc. At the top of the disc, you should see a “MC” in a circle. Click on “MC”.
  • A write-up will appear. At the top left corner of the write-up, it will state “Midheaven X°XX” [Sign]“.
  • Note down the sign of your Midheaven/MC.

Qualities Essential For Your Success

The sign of your MC shows more than just careers that are suitable for you, as I have explained in The Quick & Easy Way to Find Your Perfect Career. The sign also show you the qualities that you tend to admire and respect in others, and should aim to develop within yourself.

These qualities typically aren’t something that you identify with (unless your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars are in the same sign). The qualities can only be acquired over time through hard work and discipline.

Once you have learned to express the qualities of the sign of your MC, those qualities also represent the nature of your achievements and contributions to society, your field of authority and how others see you in society.

Look for the sign of your MC below and examples of the qualities that you propels you to the very top of your game.
Sign of your MC Examples of Types of Qualities For Success in Career
Aries Assertive, pioneering, energetic, daring, fearless
Taurus Practical, resourceful, productive, persistent, stable
Gemini Inquisitive, communicative, adaptable, sociable, rational
Cancer Nurturing, sensitive, feeling, protective, tenacious
Leo Self-confident, a leader, dramatic, self-expressive, creative
Virgo Analytical, discriminating, meticulous, skilful, efficient
Libra Balanced, impartial, tactful, aesthetics, cooperative
Scorpio Penetrating, intense, transforming, deep, hidden
Sagittarius Expansive, open-minded, idealistic, adventurous, truthful
Capricorn Ambitious, organized, responsible, realistic, prudent
Aquarius Innovative, original, progressive, universal, people-oriented
Pisces Idealistic, inspiring, sensitive, healing, unifying

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