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New Moon Ritual

Some believe that the new moon is a good time to make wishes in relation to new beginnings in their lives e.g. start of a new romance/relationship, new job, new diet program, new exercise programme, new educational course, new habit. 

Why not try some new moon magic and make some wishes? If it doesn’t work, you may end up feeling silly. But if it does, well, you get what you want.

The steps to the experiment are as follows:

  1. Determine when is the next new moon. Do a google search for it., for example, is very handy as it shows the phases of the moon for the whole year. 
  2. Within 48 hours from the start of a new moon, write down two to 10 wishes of your choice. IMPORTANT: the wishes can only relate to yourself and not other people. For example, (unfortunately) you cannot wish for someone to love you. However, you can wish that you behave in a such a way that the other person is aware and receptive towards your love.
  3. That’s all! Wait for your wishes to come true.

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