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The Best Version of Yourself

Hi Pisces. How does the best version of you look like? A main feature of the best you would be to commit yourself to a dream or ideal and work to realise it.

I have little doubt that throughout your life, you have visions, dreams or ideals of how something could be. That something can be your friends, your work, your body, the world or just about anything. What you see with your mind’s eyes and the things that passes through your mind are generally truly out of this world. In fact, a friend of mine describes Pisces as being out of this world but in this world!

It is not enough to have all those grand ideals and visions of what and how things could be. The next step is turn them into a reality such that the outside world reflects your inside world. By doing so, both your inner and outer worlds are aligned.

Does the above describe you? If not, strive towards that to become the best version of yourself.

What Helps You to Be the Best You?

Find an Outlet(s) to Channel Your Inspirations

It is essential to find an outlet to channel your inspirations. Some bury themselves in work. Some in works of art and music. Others devote themselves to social service. You need to find something that works personally for you and not for others. It may take some time (read years) and after a lot of experimentation before you find something that works for that. That’s fine. Keep searching even if there’s no end in sight. You will know when you have found it.

Practise Letting Go / Surrendering

The act of letting go is an important ability for you. Your dreams or ideals are sometimes almost impossible to achieve. Or there is no guarantee or assurance that you can manifest them even with hard work from you. What keeps you going is your faith that all will be well eventually, along with you letting go of the need to control or manipulate the outcome.

If you have a religion, great. Commit your life into the hands of the God of your choice. Pray. By praying, you are surrendering and trusting God. If you are not particularly religious, find something that helps you to connect to the universe, the divine spark within you or whatever you call it. How about one of these? Quiet time, keeping a journal, meditation, mindfulness exercises, prayers, yoga or even plain walking.

Watch out for these potholes along the journey

Who You Spend Time With

You may be very sensitive to people around you such that you can easily pick up their “energies”, feelings, thoughts or impressions without even consciously trying to do so. After detecting those energies, you may be very susceptible towards “absorbing” them or having your energy field being blended with them. Depending on the type of energies you pick up, you could be strengthened or weakened.

I suggest that you trust your “psychic feelers” and choose the people that you associate with whenever possible. Of course, often times, we may not get a choice as to who we meet and interact with, especially at work. You can practise shielding exercises to see if they work for you. I also think some crystals, for example, black obsidian and black tourmaline, help to deflect or absorb any negative energies that are heading towards your way. Similarly, regular meditation or mindfulness exercises may help to strengthen your energy field so that you are not easily affected by others.

Escaping From the Physical World and Your Inner World

The physical world can be rather overwhelming often times. It is productive and even necessary for you to seek refuge from it to restore your equilibrium, usually by being alone. However, there is a fine balance between taking a break from the world and escaping from it. Be honest to yourself if you have a problem of spending significant time on alcohol, drugs, watching the telly, music or something else. Staying distracted or numb doesn’t remove a problem.

Even if your physical world is perfect, your inner self could bombard you with excessive feelings and impressions. You may decide to ignore them or make yourself feel better by turning to sleep, sex or something else. The sad reality is that suppressing what goes on within you takes up your energy. It may leave you with little energy for the real world and may cause you to drift in life, wherever it may take you. Learn to make your visions a reality. Be the architect of your dreams.

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