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Becoming your very best self is simple. You need to learn to be you. The true, authentic and complete you.

Tips to Becoming the Best You


Express Yourself

What does it mean to express yourself? It is to show the world who you are. Who you are inside: your thoughts, feelings. dreams and goals. Everything of you.

The best you is loyal, generous, creative, expressive, warm and the list goes on. There is only one of you in the world. Don’t be afraid to take center stage and be the center of attention (and attraction). Free yourself of any shackles of limitations that you have imposed on yourself, your parents, others or by society.

The creative arts like performing, acting, singing, dancing, dancing, painting help you to express yourself. If you are not working in a creative field, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to change your bearings and become an actor or work in a creative field.

Turn your daily work into performances where you are the lead protagonist.

For example, you could be the most creative accountant at work, dazzling others with your radiant personality and mesmerising them with your presentation of magical numbers. The key is to leave the stamp of your personality on ideas, objects, people, events and organisations in your daily lives.

Receive Personal Recognition

Just as an actor on the stage needs an audience, you need others too in this show called “Your Life”. The reality is that you need others to acknowledge you. Acknowledgement can come in many different forms. For example, receiving praise and compliments are a type of acknowledgement. However, often times it doesn’t require elaborate gestures for you to feel appreciated. Sometimes, a simple nod or a smile to acknowledge your presence may work just as well.

It is possible that you can survive and exist without being dependent on others for their affirmations of you. But you cannot thrive this way. You need to find people who truly accepts you for who you are so that you can be vitalised and radiate the light of life. As you shine in life, people around you busk in the light and they shine too. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Be Careful of These Pitholes



Over time, through life experiences, you may have a certain image of yourself. That you are a VIP. And maybe you really are a VIP and your pride may be ballooned to excessive proportions. Your pride in yourself may put people off, turning you into a Very Irritating Prick. Chasing people away can be dangerous as you lose your audience. When you are on the stage of life, performing to no one, the show has to be cancelled. You go home feeling pitiful. The remedy is to admit to being vulnerable and your need to be loved and supported.

A word of caution: people who understand you well may discover that they can twist your arm by withholding approval from you. You may do anything to gain love and approval when you end up in this situation. Choose your relationships carefully.

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