Saturday, 18 February 2017

Be the Best You - Taurus

Be the Best You

To be the best version of yourself, among other lessons, the main lesson you will need to learn is to be stable, resourceful and productive.

It is like being a farmer. Here is a sample timetable of a day of a dairy farmer:

5am - Take the cows to milking
6am - Milk the cows
7am - Hose down
8am - Breakfast
9am - Chores
12pm - Lunch
1pm - More chores
2pm - Take the cows to milking
3pm - Milk the cows
4pm - Hose down
5pm - In the office

Can you see how important it is to be stable, resourceful and productive as a farmer? You may not actually be a farmer in real life. But certainly, one of the best versions of you is to incorporate the qualities of a farmer into you!

Tips to be the Best You

Engage Your Senses

You are someone who enjoys using your five senses. Use them as much as you can! Here are some ideas to get you going. Which ones do you like?

Touch - Hug someone, go for a massage, have sex, go for a manicure, do some pushups, hold someone's hands, pet your dog/cat

See -  Visit an art gallery, watch people at a cafe, feast your eyes on nature

Hear - Listen to your favourite music, sing in the shower, play a musical instrument

Smell - Wear your favourite fragrance, smell freshly baked cookies, light up some scented candles

Taste - Savour your food, feel the swish of your drink in your mouth, lick something

Watch Out For these Potholes Along Your Journey

Overly Focusing on Material Comfort

Material things in life like money, your own house/apartment and a great job may help you to feel secure and comfortable in life. Be careful of being overly focused on your possessions though. Decisions that always revolve around the material side of things may not make you happy. What's the point of having all those stuff in your life when you are miserable? There is a reason why some people say "Money ain't everything".

Always Choosing Security

You tend to like things to stay the same. Changes frustrate and upset you. You may therefore choose a path that is stable and predict whenever possible. Be careful of that. Remember the quote "The only thing that is constant is change"? Often times, your life just has to change for it to be better. Change can be scary. But a stagnant and boring life can be equally scary too. Whenever possible, choose a path that promises growth and excitement!