Saturday, 18 February 2017

Be the Best You - Sagittarius

What is the Best You?

Dear Sagittarius. You are an adventurer on a quest. Quests actually. A main one along with various sub quests. Your main quest in life is to find the ultimate meaning of your life in the world and a role that allows you to express your best self and contribute to society.

The tricky thing is that you wouldn't know whether you have finally completed your quest. In fact, it is a perpetual quest with no end. It is a quest that you pursue throughout your life. This means that the current role in society that you have found for yourself may change over time. In fact, this is a good thing as you relish the freedom to change and to do what you desire.

Tips to be the Best You

Think of the movies that you have seen and the books that you have read. In some of them, the hero is on a quest to do something - kill a monster, solve a crime mystery, destroy all the horcruxes, etc. As part of the quest, he needs to find clues which help him to get closer to his ultimate goal.

You are the hero now. Your mission is to collect jigsaw pieces and piece them together to bring you closer to the meaning of your life in the world.

Collect the Jigsaw Pieces by Expanding the Horizons of Your Mind

How do you expand the horizons of your mind?

Do something new. Think something new. Feel something new. Have something new.

When you are doing something new, be open to it. Be willing to understand the foreign "thing" that is staring at you. Put aside your preconceived notions of it. Let go of what you have been taught or experienced about it. Allow it to speak to you. Let it teach you to look at life from a different perspective. Only then can you expand your mind. Otherwise, the boundaries of your close-mind stays the same or shrinks over time - a sad fate really.

It can be scary to do something new or different. This is when you walk towards the edge of the cliff, expect a miracle, and take the leap of faith.

Piece the Jigsaw Pieces Together

There are two types of Sagittarius - a first stager and a second stager. If you are a first stage Sagittarius, collecting new experiences is enough for you. If you are a second stage Sagittarius, you are keen to put together your experiences to understand yourself, others and the world. Your goal is to have wisdom, not mere bits and pieces of experiences and knowledge that are not integrated to form a bigger picture.

Only you alone can tell which stage you are. If you are a first stager, can I suggest that you think of something new? Think about reality. Stop hiding behind the security of your existing notions. Awake yourself to reality, which includes hard work, discipline, responsibilities and commitments. Only then, can you truly find your place in this world and complete your main quest, for the time being anyway.

If you are a second stager, some of the jigsaw pieces may not fit in your life. That's fine. Put them aside. You are richer than you are before you have collected those pieces. Your vision is clearer. With your experiences, the bigger picture that you seek forms before you. Slowly but surely. Keep going my dear Sagittarius.

Watch Out For these Pit holes Along Your Quest

Being Over-Optimistic

As you are on your quest, you may develop within you a belief, a faith that everything will be fine. Indeed, many times, it's your confidence and your expectations of the future, which affects your actions, behaviours, that will sway an outcome to your favour. However, you need to watch out for those few times where your faith and belief simply won't be enough. This is when prudence and caution may be your life saviour.

Rushing into Relationships

You relish the freedom to live your life the way you want it to be, especially for the first stagers. However, be careful of rushing into a relationship for the promise of eternal romance or simply because the woman is pregnant. Beware. This story doesn't always have a happy ending.