Saturday, 18 February 2017

Be the Best You - Libra

What is the Best You?

Dear Libra. would you like some insights to becoming the best version of you? Read on for some ideas!

To become the best version of you, one of your main lessons in life is to be in partnerships with others and to create beauty, harmony and balance in your life.

You have probably realised it by now. To understand yourself better and maximise your potential, you need to be in relationships to do that easily. It is kind of strange. It is through others that you discover yourself and function best in life. There is a tendency for you to be in a relationship because it makes you feel complete. Marriage is also likely to be something that occupies your mind. Marriage and long term relationships are fine as long as you are in a partnership with the other people. Remember this though: you don't necessarily have to marry someone, unless you want to. Having close friends in your life work too.

You have an innate sense of aesthetics. In other words, you have a strong preference for beautiful people, things and places. They light up your life. If not, it is definitely to be developed within you.

Tips to be the Best You

Develop and Use Your People's Skills

Have you read the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie? Even if you haven't read it, you have probably already practised a lot of its contents already. If not, make the book your bible.

To be the best you, you will have to develop and use your people's skills. Master the art of getting along with people and you are surely on your path to be the best version of you. Use your charm to get what you want.

Create and Surround Yourself With Beauty

There is a need for your environment to be pleasing to your eyes. Harmony and balance in your environment translates to balance and harmony inside you. As within is without. As without is within.

For inner serenity, try meditation, mindfulness exercises, yoga or keeping a gratitude journal. Something that calms you down and brings your peace. For beauty in the outside world, try painting, designing your home, visit art galleries or fashion shows.

The world is made a more beautiful place as you realise your potential.

Watch Out for These Challenges

Refusal to Take a Stand

If you are the typical Libra, you excel in considering all sides of a matter before you make a decision. This can be a great strength, especially in law and court where you are the judge. You would consider all the evidence of a case before you make your final judgement.

Sometimes, however, life doesn't allow you the luxury of time to consider both sides of a coin/story. You may be in situations where you need to make a decision quick. Situations where all options make sense to you and you have to choose only one option. Situations where you can't sit on the fence. Your tendency to weigh all alternatives and make an informed decision may not work in those situations.

Sometimes, a path is not clear black and white and you have to make a decision. You cannot keep your options open forever. Take a stand and commit to it.

Being Subservient

You dislike awkward situations with other people and try to avoid them where possible. Consequently, you enjoy cooperating with others and pleasing them. But it doesn't mean that you have to allow yourself to be treated like a doormat or be someone's butler. To be walked upon. Such relationships don't last. Aim for a partnership, a relationship where you are an equal with an equal.  Interdependence is the key to your success. It takes both hands to clap.