Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Be the Best You - Gemini

What is the Best You?

Hello Gemini, my friend! Do you want to be the best you? Yes of course!

To be the best you, one of the main things you will need to learn is to see things and talk to people that are around you.

Use your eyes, your ears, your everything to gather and absorb information on the environment that you are in. The more information, the better it is for you. You don't have to understand all those information. Even if you do think about those information and connect the dots, that's even better. However, your main aim is to feed your mind with information of things and people around you.

Tips to be the Best You

Talk and Listen to People

You probably enjoying talking, don't you? No surprises here. If not, start talking away! Use your natural curiosity about people and things to your advantage! People are great sources of information which are likely to keep your mind happy. Besides they say that everyone has something to teach you. Talk to someone today!

I probably talked too much up there. You will need to listen as well. They say God gave you two ears and one mouth. So listen more than you talk! Alas! Listening may not come easily to you as your mind just races quickly as the other people is talking, especially when you are young. But, listen well as that's a pretty important social skill to acquire as you already know.

Stimulate Your Mind

If hanging out with your family, friends or acquaintances aren't enough, you need more mind food! How about surfing the web on a topic that you are interested in and have 20 tabs open at the same time? How about watching the telly, chatting to your friends on Whatsapp and read a book at the same time? Information overload? No way! You are enjoying yourself.

Road Blocks to Becoming Your Best Self

Excessive Tension / Becoming Too Busy

With your mind doing mental marathons everyday, it's not surprising that you are tensed up from the million things that you are doing and going through your mind. You may then suffer from insomnia, busyness or exhaustion.

Slow down a bit! A bit of everything is fine but not too much! Have a cup of camomile tea and a quiet chat with your neighbour. Or exercise away with your favourite music blasting away to remove that nervous energy inside you.

Losing Interest Too Quickly

There are times where you need to go deep into something and spend lots of time, or your whole life on it. Even though you may find doing the same thing over and over again challenging, that may the key to your success. If you really want something badly, you can do it!