Monday, 20 February 2017

Be the Best You - Capricorn

What is the Best You?

Thank you for taking time off your schedule to read this post.

To be the best version of yourself, you will need to focus on succeeding in society on your own terms.

Notice that I said "on your own terms". It's easy for you to think of your success based on the benchmarks of the society that you live in. For example, "success" in most modern western countries is typically to get a college education, get employed in a respectable and well-paid profession, drive a nice looking car, buy a house in a posh neighbourhood, have kids and retire by a certain age. That standard template of success is all very well if that's actually how you see success and your accomplishments. But what if the real you doesn't fit into that boilerplate? Do you saw the square edges off you so that you can fit into the round hole?

Make sure you climb the right ladder.

Tips to be the Best You

Take Charge of Your Life

Take on responsibilities. They are satisfying to you.

Take on leadership. It's also satisfying to you. You won't be dependent on others this way then. You can put into action your ideas.

Work on your personal goals. It's okay to fail. So what if you move one step back if you move two steps forward? You are one step closer to your goal. Keep trying. If you don't try, you fail by default.

Watch Out for These Challenges

Basing Your Actions Purely on How You Are Seen By Others

You tend to be very concerned with how society sees you. Consequently, your actions may be governed or strongly influenced by the conventional rules of society whether explicitly acknowledged or not. You may snuff out parts of you or your family that do not fall within the boundaries of these rules that are set by the masses. For example, a Capricorn parent of a gay child in a homophobic country may repress the "gayness" of his child as it's not acceptable in his society. He wants him and his family to be seen as respectable and not to be perceived as abnormal.

Anything that goes against the current societal rules (they change over time) may be a big no-no for you. Are you really happy to play by those rules? Does it really matter how others think? It's your life, not theirs. Why judge yourself based on their rules and standards? Don't you have your own say? Why deny your unique individuality, which can ironically propel you to the social accomplishment that you have been seeking?