Thursday, 9 February 2017

Be the Best You - Cancer

The Best Version of You

The best version of you is to receive and give emotional security. Put simply, it is to receive and give the feeling of safety.

You can feel safe from your family, marriage, career, money, etc. Or just by being yourself which may be a better bet, I believe, since the source of the security comes from the inside of you and is free (!). Once you feel safe enough and have built up a bank account of emotional security, you can "give" it out in many ways. For example, by caring for others or by nurturing your favourite projects.

Have you asked yourself what really gives you emotional security? Is it your children, power, friendship, self-worth, being independent, or something else? When you have found out the true source of your emotional security, you can take steps to build up your emotional bank account and withdraw from it.

The location of your Sun in your natal chart shows the source of your emotional security which is part of the best you. For example, if your Sun is your third house, it could mean that you feel safe from sharing your thoughts via speaking - this is the receiving part of your life purpose. By speaking, you may also encourage and nurture others through your speeches on the telly or YouTube videos - this is the giving part of your life purpose. So if your Sun is in your third house, your dominant life purpose may be to feel great and also have others feel great from your speeches and conversations. Now that you have discovered the best you, go and do something with it!

If you would like to know the location of your Sun, talk to your astrologer.

Hints to Becoming the Best You

Trust and use your gut instincts

Call it your hunches, your intuition, your gut instincts, your feelings. Whatever you call it, you have an innate ability to sense whether something is right or wrong, good or bad. Hopefully, you have found through your experiences in life that this ability of yours can be uncannily accurate. If not, give it a go and you may be amazed with the results. When you feel negative vibes or feelings about a person, a situation or something, trust your gut instincts. Do not ignore them.

Recognise and value your and others’ feelings

If you haven't been valuing your feeling, the reality is that feelings is an important part of you and your identity. Especially for men, I know society can place a premium on you being logical and factual. But, the society is not living your life. It is you. You are a person of feelings. Be aware of them and pay attention to them. Don't shrug them aside. Equally, pay attention to the feelings of others. You can acknowledge them by saying "I know you feel [fill-in-the-blank]." Recognising others' feelings doesn't have to be complicated.

Care for others and support them

Especially for men, it's okay to show your care and concern for others. It's okay to support others. What if you don't feel that it's not worth your time or energy to care for others or you just don't feel like it? Do it anyway. For a start, try listening or paying attention to others. Do simple acts of kindness.

Watch out for these potholes along the journey

Avoiding risks and changes

As you work toward your life purpose of achieving emotional security, the same security that you seek may stop you from making certain choices in life which make you a happier and better person. In life, we sometimes have to take a risk when facing a life changing decision. The decision may lead to us losing something that we treasure. But, it also seems that by losing something, we usually gain something even more precious in return. So, dear Cancers, be bold and take the plunge when life calls you to do so.

Overgiving without receiving

Yes, you are great at taking care of others and/or things as you go on your journey of fulfilling your dominant life purpose. But, be careful of overdoing it and ignoring your own needs. You can't give something unless you have something to give. If you constantly keep giving without receiving, it is a matter of time that you will be sucked dry. This is no good for anyone as you may become resentful or shy away from a relationship or thing which you once so clearly enjoy and love. So, watch out for this. You can't keep giving all the time. Respect yourself by acknowledging and communicating your own needs.