Monday, 20 February 2017

Be the Best You - Aquarius

One in many - that's you

What is the Best You?

Hi Aquarius my friend, it has taken me some time to figure you out. You are like a paradox. You are independent, highly individualistic and yet, it is essential for you to be part of a group or groups in society. The groups can be all kinds: altruistic groups like homeless charities or simply the multi-national company that you work in. The key is for you to be a member of group(s). It is by being a group member that you figure out who you are i.e. the real you. Once you have done that, it is very likely that you become a dominant member of the group who steers it towards your vision of it.

So to be your best self, you will need to aspire towards being your individualistic self in a group(s) and create social changes through your innovative ideas.

Strategy to Becoming Your Best Self

Be Yourself, Warts and All

You probably realise that you are different from everyone. Well, you may not look different from others but deep inside, you may feel different from the rest of your friends, family and work colleagues. This is totally all right as that's who you are. Sometimes, this feeling of being different from others can make you feel like an outsider even if you are not actually one. I tell ya, you just haven't met folks who you can click with yet. Or a group where you are valued. Keep searching. You will find people and groups who accept you just the way you are. Hang on there!

I know it can be tempting to pretend to be one of them so that you can fit in. But that's not being yourself, let alone your best self. To be your best self is to be yourself. There's only one of you in the world. If you are not the real you, how can you make the world better?

Watch Out For These!

Being Too Stubborn

I know you. Even though you may downplay it, you can be so darn stubborn at times and refuse to budge from what you think is right. Being firm on an issue is actually a strength and I salute you for it. My advice to you is to remain firm on the important issues. On minor and insignificant ones, bleh, give it a rest.

You Don’t Love Me!

Is it fair to say that you love mankind but not necessarily a person specifically? In other words, you may love your partner as much as the stranger that you met on the street today. I know this may not be entirely true of you but watch out for this. You want your loved ones to know that your love for them is selfish and only for them!

I also encourage you to further develop your already excellent people skills. Learn to become comfortable with your and other people's feelings and emotions. This may be what others expect of a friend and a loved one. Do your part!