Thursday, 9 February 2017

A New Life Awaits You

[Pluto Square Pluto]

We are creatures of habits. There are things in our lives that aren't necessarily good for us anymore. Or perhaps these things, e.g. career, children, our thought patterns, anything, just need to be out of our lives as it's time for them/us to move on to something else. But we may still consciously or unconsciously insist on retaining them. This is a time where those things are weeded out of your life. You will need to develop a new course of action.

If you are in your late 30s or 40s, it could also mean that you feel a huge drive to work and could work very intensely during this period. It's almost as if you are out on a rage to transform your life or even it's how you experience power.

For some of you, you may feel unsatisfied with your sex life, especially in your marriage/relationship. Take this time to explore your feelings about your relationship. Identify parts of the relationship that you want to be 'reborn' again. For example, both of you used to talk to each other about your dreams and hopes for the future but that stopped when you became parents. Maybe you can start talking to each other again, just like in the old days. Or maybe it's time to rethink those thoughts about sex and intimacy which are simply not helping you.

Lastly, a select few of you may feel that the world is crumbling before you. Whatever has happened or what you are feeling within you is nobody's fault. It just has to happen so that new things, people, circumstances can take place.

There's Chinese saying "旧的不去新的不来". It means you need to get rid of the old stuff in your life before there's room for the new stuff. I know, just like in the movie "The Hobbit" where Gollum loses his "precious", you feel that something that you treasured has been taken away from you, perhaps against your will. It's okay to be uncertain or frightened. It's part of your comfort zone after all. You may feel sad, grieved, guilty or angry. It's okay. Let it all out. Be patient with yourself. Take all the time you need to feel what you are feeling. It may be helpful to express your emotions creatively - writing, painting, drawing, dancing, with music.

Walk bravely from those debris of you or your life towards the new life that awaits you. There's light at the end of the tunnel.