A Good Time for Changes

[Uranus trine Uranus]

The way your life is today is the result of the choices that you have made in your life until today. You may think that you didn’t choose for your life to be like what it is now. Remember – you might have made your decisions unconsciously.

If you are truly happy with your life, you may already be fully actualized at your age (read Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). Use this time to renew your commitment to your earlier choices.

But there are some of you who have this naggy feeling of wanting to be something more than what you already are. Use this time to make changes to the parts of your life which you are unhappy with. Particularly, the bits of your life which feel restricting to you and your individuality. Once you decide on your path, the restrictions, including your self-imposed limitations, will be quickly and even suddenly removed. Any change that you make at this time in your life is likely to be long lasting, which isn’t a bad thing if you ask me.

You can resist making the much needed changes which breathe life to your independence and individuality. But life works in a funny way. The required changes, perhaps in a different form, will catch up with you and confront you eventually. What are you going to do then? Bite the bullet and take the plunge. This is definitely an easier time for the needed changes than when you are in your late 30s or 40s. You are young, you can start over again if you need to. There’s less at stake now.

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