Thursday, 9 February 2017

Scorpio, Be the Best You

The Best You

Hi Scorpio, to be honest, I have left you as the last Sun/zodiac sign to write about in the "Be the Best You" series. There is something about you that I couldn't place my finger on and couldn't understand until today. I think I have finally understood a bigger piece of you now and am ready to write for you. Let's get on with it.

What is transformation? It is to change something or someone for the better. To become the best version of you, you must play the role of the transformer. What do you transform exactly? It could be any of these (or more than one):

  • Yourself, your appearance, your body and your health
  • Career, your reputation in society
  • Relationship with your partner(s)
  • Home, family or emotions
  • Material resources, time or self-esteem
  • The way you think or speak or your siblings
  • Children, sports, how you express your creativity, things you find pleasurable
  • Daily routine including work colleagues
  • Sex life (!), your partner's money, anything taboo
  • Religion, your beliefs and faith, high education
  • Friends and groups
  • Spirituality and the universe
If you have to pick an area of life to change for the better, which one would it be?

To be the best you, you need to transform by living and feeling intensely and deeply.

Ways to Become the Best You

Live and feel intensely and deeply

Let's say you 2 options: 1) live a short but meaningful life where you enjoying every moment of it; or 2) live a long but unmeaningful existence. Which one would you choose? To be your best self, go with option #1. You are not a shallow person. You are a deep and may I add, an unfathomable person. Think of an iceberg. It goes down so deep into the ocean. That's the depth of your character, your soul and feelings. Precisely because the iceberg is so deep, it has the power to sink the Titantic. That's your power. This deepness and intensity of yours can move mountains.

Go deep and intense and use your power to transform a situation, a thing or someone.

Penetrate Deeply in an Issue

You get to the bottom of things. If not, this is what I suggest you do - keep asking "why" to find out all about it. If you are provoked in your search for the truth or answers, unleash your fury and fight! And boy, you can sure fight.

Incidentally, because of your natural instinct or tendency to drill something into its bits, you make good researchers, investigators and psychologists/psychotherapists, among other occupations.

Watch Out For …

Opening Up Cans of Worms

As you keep asking why and dig into something, you may reach the point of no return and find piles of shite waiting for you. You know what I mean. With the truth and information staring at you, you have to act on it.

Contrast the above scenario with: You sensed something is wrong. But that something is not critical or important to you or your loved one, so you let go and walk away.

There's a time for everything. A time to dig and a time to let go and chillax.

Your Secrecy

Few people understand something or someone as deep as you do. When you try to explain it to some people, they might not get it and misunderstand you. You may be used to it and prefer to keep quiet and rather be misunderstood resulting from your silence instead. Be aware of this tendency of yours. Sometimes, it's best to explain yourself.